Amoxicillin, Light Yogurt and Miranda Lambert

March 10, 2010

Since I returned from Puerto Rico a couple weeks back I have had this cold.  It was so bad I went to see my doctor who prescribed me Amoxicillin, an anti-biotic.   I’ve run he first course and phoned him yesterday asking if he could extend the regimine as I still am not 100%.  He agreed and I picked it up yesterday.  This medicine makes me tired.  This morning I didn’t want to wake up. Yesterday either. I hit the snooze on the alarm clock apparently 4 times before I even knew I was doing it.  Is it the amoxicillin or maybe that new pillow I bought?  Whatever it is I’ve slept like a baby and didn’t wake up at all. 

With this medication they suggest you take it with food.  The NON morning person I am, usually have a cup of coffee for breakfast. So I grabbed  a yogurt and put it in my jacket pocket and headed off to work.  I wore a sleeveless vest today as the weather is nice, supposed to be in the high 50’s today here in the NYC metro area.   I drove to work listening to a Miranda Lambert CD.  Nice day. Nice weather. 

I arrived at work a bit late. (no one checks, we’re self directed) . Put the Miranda CD in my pocket to continue to listen to in my office.   I have a hanger on the back  of my office door. When I took off my vest, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a Dannon Lite and Fit Strawberry yogurt coated Miranda Lambert ‘Revolution” CD and a pink Droid (phone).  

Looks like the beginning of a great day!      (not)

Hey the Tavern is gonna be detoured here for while. Not enough time to write both.

   We recieved this award from Jingle.  A blog new to us that allows us to be creative. We stumbled upon it thanks to Mrs. 4444.

   Check it out!  and Thanks!

Thanks for reading!   See you soon! 



  1. Gross, do you know what yogurt is – and do tell why your have a pink droid ?

  2. Oh man. Sorry your yogurt exploded. That stinks. Hope the rest of your day went better!

  3. I wonder if it’s the antibiotic making you tired or if you’re just that worn out. Sorry to hear Miranda and the Droid got covered in pink yogurt! The CD should be washable. Not so sure about the phone.

  4. I made it. Hope to be back often! Oh… and when the dr. says with food I don’t think yogurt counts!!!

  5. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. OMIgosh! Hope you and your phone have since recovered! 🙂

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