Winging It.

March 8, 2010

Be right back. let me get a coffee…

YesterdayI decided that I no longer like my dishes.  I have 4 of one kind, 4 of another.  Mish mash of bowls. No real set to say.  One type has a high lip. This doesn’t stand well in the dishwasher.  That’s reason enough.   Off to BB&B.  Is there any place else?  My kids go crazy when knives or forks scrape against the plate.  Me, you can run nails down a blackboard, bite foil, scrape dishes… anything. Doesn’t bother me. But in the interest of a pleasant dinner. I went to the silverware stand, grabbed a fork and went to each setting displayed and scraped away. Looking for the lowest level of cringe.  I wasn’t well accepted as I watched people leave the aisle where this crazed man was scraping dishes.  I decided stoneware was out.  It had to be glass, or some reasonably fine textured finish.  AH!   A nice low lipped dish set that starts out dark blue and finishes light grey in the middle. Looks nice.  $39 bucks for a 16 piece set (4 place ), I’ll get 3.   I put the fork back on the display and went to get the boxes.  None. Oh they had cherry red…  But not the blue.   I searched for a salesperson and found someone who didn’t work in that area. Next he’s on the walkie talkie.  “Help needed in Lifestyles section”,  I thought Hey – I need help  (oh I do but thats another story)How about me!  Lifestyles section?  What do they sell there, condoms?    Apparently where you sell dishes and silverware is now called lifestyles.   Sheesh..    So eventually this young woman comes over and says, “Oh we don’t have any of that in stock, I can call another store”.  No, nevermind.   They have a lot of stuff on display, but no inventory. That is unless you need “as seen on TV” garbage.  A “biggest Loser” kitchen scale.  They had one that was the same thing with no TV promotion crap on it for a dollar less”.  Who buys this?  Why do they have stores if they don’t have anything in them!!!!  Online shopping for me from now on.        >*<       I digress.  I left the Lifestyles section and did the circle through the store.  Recently they took the bathroom section and cut it out to make shelves for a Harmon Store section.  I know they are affiliated, like Christmas tree shops.  But now you took space for more selection of finer goods and parked junk you can buy on every intersection in the northeast. The explosion of drug/junk stores.  Walgreen, CVS, etc.   Everywhere!!!  Now my BB&B had a store in it of which I never shop.  Hey – I buy that stuff at my grocery store.  I get my prescriptions filled at a PHARMACY – and a local independent one at that.

I walked out of the BB&B with a $150.00 pillow. But I had a 20% off coupon, so I paid less.

Oh and so you know.  Now you can get condoms at BB&B.  Must fall under the “Beyond” heading.

Thanks for reading!   See you soon!



  1. That’s too funny – having the dishes section referred to as the Lifestyles Section! Ahahahhahahahhaah.

    Too bad they didn’t have the plates you wanted. But, I do hope you enjoy that new pillow!

  2. Nothing I hate more than doing all the legwork to pick out just the thing I like, only to find there is none in stock. So frustrating. I like to buy my kids’ shoes at Champs. At least twice, one of them has picked out a style they like, only to be told there’s none in their size, but for $2 more, they can ship the shoes right to the house. Took them up on that offer once and they shipped the wrong size and it took three days longer than we were told to expect. I think customer service is slipping.

    I do love BB&B too. I can always find something I HAVE to have there. They’ve got a good selection of Yankee candles too!

  3. Did you bang silverware on the pillow to see if it was quiet and restful?

  4. We have fallen into the habit at our house of giving away a set of dishes once a year so we can buy something new. The current selection is basic white from Williams-Sonoma. It has been easy to supplement white serving pieces from TJ MAXX Home Store.

    As an aside…I would have never associated the Lifestyle section of BB&B with condoms. 😉 But then….I won’t “go there.” heh heh.

  5. You spent HOW much for a pillow??????

    And I thought I had a spending problem…. 😉

  6. Oh Sue, it’s SO comfortable. Stopped my neck and back from hurting!

  7. You are so funny. Was it a Tempurpedic pillow? I adore mine…

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