Test Post. 123….

March 5, 2010

Hi! How are ya? I’m writing this post from my phone while sitting at an oral surgeons office “waiting” for my daughter. An extraction. That’s a funny word. So vanilla extract is vanilla extracted from what. A vanilla bean? I’ll be sure to remember to be real sexy next time I’m intimate. “Ok honey, I’m extracting”.

At school. “Everyone extract your math book and turn to page 35.”

At work. “I’m unable to extract the information from the Brazilian Pharma commitees regarding serialization strategy”

TV. “Hey Rocky… watch me extract a rabbit from my hat”

This is good but not easy. I need to invent the finger sharpener.

Haven’t figured out pictures yet so pretend there is a snoopy typing.

Thanks for reading… see you soon!



  1. Extract only after a catheterization.

  2. I’m impressed that you got this much written with your phone! I’ve tried leaving a few comments here and there with my iPod Touch and it’s a bear!

    Finger sharpener! That’s it exactly! That’s what we need to successfully use these gadgets!

  3. This made me LOL, Oscar. Thanks. And P.S. I hope and pray that your daughter is healing well and NOT learning about dry socket!!

  4. Thanks Mrs 4444’s. She did ok.

  5. YAY. You can post blogs from your phone! That’s awesome.

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