The Waiting is the Hardest Part

March 3, 2010

Thanks Tom Petty for that great song.

For those who don’t know me well, I work for a large company, desk job and travel a lot.   More than 50% of my posts are written while I’m waiting.  Ok, and maybe bored with teleconference content.  So I cram a lot of information in short times. Sometimes I write these off line while on a plane.  Then upload them when I land.

This same process goes for when I read all the blogs on my blog roll.  I have my favorites, then procede through the list.  Sometimes I read posts through my phone.  Whick explainz my typo’s (yeah right). 

I make notes…

  • write post about Driving in PR
  • write post about music
  • write about technology
  • write post about ….. bla bla bla   yada yada yada….

I lose the notes.  They are sticky notes that I place on a plastic document holder that holds my travel documents. It comes in and out of my bag.  They fall off.  I recall sitting on a plane and one of my notes was on my neighbors shoe.  I pointed it to her and she picked it off and read, “Write about toilet tissue”

“beat’s me.  LOL who would write about toilet paper?”

So I’m on a call right now with folks from Belgium, the UK and stateside.   They’re coming up to my part…. gotta run

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!


  1. I love me some sticky notes! But I am not traveling with them, so I don’t loose them! I just have to look at them and be reminded of all the things I am supposed to do, but keep putting off!

    And, I HATE waiting for ANYTHING!

    Seriously, I applaud you for all that you withstand!

  2. I’m impressed with your ability to write a coherent sentence while on a conference call! I CAN’T multi-task when it comes to writing at all.

    I used to carry a little notebook and jot down blog ideas, but by the time I’d go back and look at the ideas, I’d lost my momentum.

  3. I’m sure you could write a riveting post about toilet tissue.

  4. oh I could. and will….

  5. Exactly Terri – It just isn’t as strong as it was when you write it down. 😦

  6. I don’t miss my conference call days…..

    Sounds like you at least make good use of the time!

  7. That’s hilarious! I love it.

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