CO 475 SJU to EWR 5A

February 25, 2010

Damn, I had to leave PR early because of the weather.  I should have just stayed the weekend, but I have something on Sunday to attend.

Big snow they say in the NYC metro area.  Philly already got a lot.

Twinkle and Jack are with me – I flew them down, and we all are leaving early.

It BETTER damned snow.   LOL

Will write during the flight… as always not responsible.  its a 7:00am flight  (ATL) and I have a bloody mary already.   More later…….

Stay warm!

Thanks for reading – see you soon!  


  1. Bummer that you had to leave early! And I really don’t think you guys need any more snow out there! That’s crazy.

  2. Safe travels my friend, the brunt of it is hitting us tonight

  3. oh its snowing alright!

  4. Have a safe journey.

  5. At least you got to go to PR…Have a safe trip back!

  6. Just have one word for you, brrrrrr…

  7. Hi. Thank you for dropping by. I wish I could write beautiful poems but as it is I have to borrow words of others.

    Safe journey. Puerto Rico sounds nice, too bad you have to leave early.

  8. beautiful blog, 10Q for stopping by!

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