February 24, 2010

What the hell am I doing up?  I can’t sleep for some reason. I’m in San Juan. 

Maybe it’s this tile in the bathroom that scares me…

Doesn’t it look like a devil?  I was …”sitting”  and noticed it.  I wet some tissue and stuck it over it. Creeps me out!  Showed this picture to the barmaid downstairs earlier and she agreed!  Diablo she says. 

I just kinda woke up. Its very quiet.  I cracked the sliding door open a tad to hear the ocean. Maybe that’ll help me sleep.

Gonna try again.  If this post isn’t any longer than HERE.  I fell asleep

Catch you all later….  I’m gonna try to sleep again…..Zzzzzzzzzz



  1. Hope you got some sleep – just a note for ya down there in San Juan – your seeing the Diablo because he is sending another 6-12″ our way !

  2. YES! That totally looks like the devil! Creepy!

    Hope you got some sleep.

  3. El Diablo can not be contained by a wet tissue. El Diablo laughs at the wet tissue and uses it to wipe his nose.

  4. I haven’t seen anything so scary since Father Sarducci’s Pope in the Pizza!

  5. Maybe you just have a guilty conscience 🙂

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