Sam Ash Wednesday

February 17, 2010

Hey, my friend told me yesterday to remember that today was Sam Ash Wednesday!  So I figure I’ll go out after work and visit a Sam Ash store. Maybe pick up a telecaster or two.  I have been wanting to get one. I have 2 stratocasters (Fender guitars in case you don’t know).  I like the sound a lot of country artists are getting with the telecaster. Brad Paisley plays a telecaster , and has some specials made for him.  I’ve looked in the Guitar Center for telecasters not too long ago.  They had them from $350.00 to $3000.00.  Of course you know which one I want.   It’s a lot of money to plunk out for something I don’t get a lot of time to do. But….  We’ll see.  Perhaps if I sold one of my Stratocasters I could afford one.  I don’t know – I can’t part with any of my guitars.  It’s like a part of your soul.  Do any of you play an instrument?  It becomes a part of you…


It isn’t?

   OHHHHH!!!     Just   ASH WEDNESDAY!!!!!????

————-  Never mind ——————-

Guess I need to go out and get some ash.  Check this out! : Ash Wednesday.

Have a great day – For you Christians…. its lent.   I’m giving up Chocolate!!!!

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!



  1. I’m givin’ up nothing.
    My favorite ash wednesday story is when I moved to Boston and my friend from work met me for lunch. I said “you got some dirt or something on your forehead, how come everyone has dirt on their foreheads today??” and he goes “It’s Ash Wednesday, you dimwit.” I had heard of Ash Wednesday but never knew you put ashes on your face.

  2. Who knew a bar owner would make me look like a bad Christian(forgot to get my ashes!) And now I have to give something up? I think I’ll give up peanut butter M&M’s, because my belly is so full of them right now, I can’t imagine eating another one for at least a year!

  3. Guess its a good thing Im a fake-Jew – Im not giving up a thing!

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  5. Cheater! LOL! It’s not really a sacrifice if you give up something you never liked to begin with! 🙂

  6. Terri!! SShHHHHHHH!! (LOL)

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