February 8, 2010

My daughter has a Facebook account.  With this she gets all kinds of silly stuff from her friends, whats new, who did what , networking, etc.  All silly to me. But there is one thing that she has on it that I get a kick out of.  Farmville.  This is a game type thing where you build and run a virtual farm.  She has one, her friends have thiers, they send each other gifts, and fertilize each others crops.  Its neat.   Once in a while she lets me “harvest” for her when she’s tied up.  Yesterday before the SuperBowl, I asked her of she was tending her farm and she said, no, you can do it. So I jumped on her accout and spent 3 hours, “re-arranging” her farm, and tending her flock and fields. I made seperate fields, flower gardens, pens for the animals, gated pathways, orchards and other things.  She came back afterwards and said, “Dad, what’d you do to my farm!”.   >Gulp<  Um, I fixed it.  ” I Love it!!!”   >whew<.   “You should be a landscaper or architect or something like that.”  Well, I just figured it’d be easier if all your animals were contained, this way you could tend to them faster.  Crops are lined up in order so your plow (tractor) can easily work efficiently using less fuel. (you earn fuel).  I put a pond in for the ducks. 

   She had friends over later for the Superbowl. She showed the girls her farm and said how I re-did it for her.

    Now I have to re-do 3 farms.       >cool<    (heh heh heh)

No, I still won’t do facebook.  Anyone I want to be in touch with, I already am.  I kept in touch with all my good friends from school, and still do.   But I am weakening….   I want my own farm!


The Superbowl was ok.   We had snacks and beers.  I wanted the Colts to win, but eh.  I’m a GIANT fan.  The Who sounded pretty well.    How sad is it that the only line todays kids relate to is “Teenage Wasteland”.  

Thanks for reading!    I’ll see you soon!    Stay Warm!



  1. Oh C’mon! Please join Facebook! It really IS fun. And then YOU too can have your very own farm!

  2. The Who rocked. At least I didn’t have to worry about any indecent exposure with my son watching. I could have cared less this year, but man to be in New Orleans last night !!!!!

  3. I refuse to get a farm on Facebook. I do, however, have a zoo 😉

  4. Get a Facebook account already!! Will yah?

  5. Haha… I don’t do facebook too… I’d prefer to do the real thing. Must be fun though designing it.

  6. I was in a lunch place today and someone was doing Farmville on their laptop … I know several others who do it, too. I was considering a post on why the heck people do it. Maybe you saved me the trouble. As far as Facebook goes, I’ve tried it intermittently. It seems like no one looks at anything “of substance” … meaning they ignore my posts. Imagine. But it’s good for spying on my daughter.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your post.

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  7. Aw, come on. Join Facebook. 🙂 I must admit that I’ve given up farming, given up my aquarium, Sorority Life, the Mafia…..but still have my “Happy Island.” It won’t be long and I’ll be bored with that too. But I LOVE staying connected with all my friends on Facebook and meeting new ones as well!

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