Morning Wood

January 25, 2010

Saturday morning I got up early and ran a few errands.  I had a list of things to do.  Being that I would be flying off to Puerto Rico today, I needed to do things that would need attention during the week.   A run to the post office, some groceries and my weekly run to Home Depot.  Cheap trip this week.  Spent less than a hundred bucks.  And of course, I had to get wood.  I haven’t had any for a week or two.  I went to a place familiar and got some there.  The gentleman who took care of me looked familiar as I opened the cover to my bed and began grabbing logs. He said “ I think you’re my neighbor.” Seeing the Jeep in the yard I said “yes, I believe you are. I didn’t know you worked here”.  He formally introduced himself, and I in return.  Well for the wood I needed, he was very generous and gave it to me for $20 bucks less than listed. I insisted on a tip, but he refused.

 I’ll leave it on his picnic table.


Now when I return, if I want to be warm, I have wood.  It always feels good having wood. Especially when you want to relax, unwind and make a warm fire. 


Yeah, Monday commute. Route #2.  EWR to SJU,  3F

Very rainy.  High winds.  Left earlier to the airport anticipating delays but was in the air on time.  I fly Continental.  No complaints.  Besides the flight staff has gotten to know my partner and myself at this point.

Steak and Shrimp or halibut.  The choices today.  I choose the Streak and Shrimp as the other option is airline fish.  I do love fish and halibut is a favorite, but…   ih.  (not a typo.. ih, like eh,and ick)


Today is a very special day for me. Something personal.  An anniversary.  A year of ….comfort,   satisfaction and good feelings.  Something in my life that has made me smile EVERY day.  Very simple, yet such an impact.

I just want to say Thank you for adding something wonderful to my life.


Ok back to business…

 I think I’m sitting next to an OCD dude.   He was very vocal about me shutting my phone off before we took off.  He spent a long time wiping off with the hot towel, THEN opened a Purell wipe.   He moved my iPod over with a tissue not more than 3 millimeters from his side of the center arm rests.  He got up a bunch of times to wipe his hands.  Didn’t touch any of the in flight magazines.  Has his own, in plastic ziplocks.  Man, I ‘d shoot myself if I had to live like that.  I’m almost offended.

Oooooh!   Allison Krauss  (on my iPod  C’mon you should know by now)

(I’m almost feeling, “kutzsy”  (Koot (like “foot”) -zee)  a strange word extracted from the word kutz. Don’t ask me, I just heard it from an Italian cousin from past life and it stuck.   Meaning “yuck” or dirty… Kutsy.  Something that is referenced as dirty can be “ kutzade”  it’s all a mix of slang and Italian.  “My, that trash bin is Kutzade, it needs cleaning!”   Your Italian friend or relative will know but have no idea,  it’s something they do. Make up words that fill in blanks when they didn’t know English, it works.  I just know it.)

What am I dirty!?!?!?   I showered before I left for the airport.

Oh and I use Biangoline.  Bleach. When I wash white.  Look that one up.  …Nope.

He’s a Jerk-loaf.

Ed’s in 2F. Every once in a while I kick the seat, and pretend to be asleep.  LOL

Thanks for reading – See you soon!


  1. Even though I am afraid of fire, I truly do enjoy sitting by a nice fire – ell, as long as I know there is an extinguisher close by!

    My dad kind of suffers from clean hands OCD syndrome. He is FOREVER using sanatizer and wipes and he wont touch things on airplanes or doctors offices either.

    PS; Happy Anniversary.

  2. Clearly, you get much joy from having wood!

    Happy Anniversary.

    Don’t be offended by the OCD guy. It’s nothing personal. It’s just something he HAS to do.

  3. PS: The title “Morning Wood” made me laugh out loud.

  4. The Beatles would agree. Didn’t they say, “Isn’t it good, Now we have wood …” ???

    Happy Anniversary

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