January 18, 2010

Now most of you who know me, know I’m not much of a Television fan. Oh I have my “shows” I enjoy. I don’t rush home, or make a mad dash to the DVR to see any of them. But when I can I will sit and FF through them.

I do watch the evening 11:00pm news.  Then sometimes a little bit of Letterman. (I’ve been to his show 4 times).

I found it funny today talking to a co-worker about the weekend.

CW:  “What’d you do this weekend?”

ME: Oh, just s#it around the house. Watched the games…..”

CW: Which ones?

ME: Minnesota/Dallas and the Jets/Chargers games.

CW: How’d you get stuff done?

I then thought… I have too many TV’s.

This is just yesterday:

I woke up and did laundry.  Ran a few errands and was back by Gametime.  I bought a storage cabinet for the basement last week. I decided to put it together. Part of that was moving all the junk I wanted to put into it aside so I had room to assemble it. This involved cleaning half the basement. Ok – We have a computer on one side of the basement. Its monitor is a 32″ flatscreen. It’s hooked up to cable.  So while I did the basement work, I watched Minnesota defeat Dallas.  After that, I took all the laundry and folded it and put it away. This was in my room, (32″ Trinitron).  TV was on, I sorted clothes, changed sheets, vacuumed the room, (fuzzies) re-did sock drawer, ( where do they go?), and other stuff.   Finished there, move down into the den, (42″ Flatscreen), and continued to watch the Jets/Chargers game.  Going through bills and papers on the glass table.  Finished that and went into the kitchen (22″ flatscreen) to help with dinner.  Continued watching the game on the Den TV.  Cleaned up dishes and kitchen by the 22 inch.

Brought my daughters laundry up to her room (no I don’t fold hers, but I do lay it out so they don’t wrinkle) She has the 32″ flatscreen. 

My daughter-in-law asked me to watch the baby for a few minutes. So I went into thier room, (52″ flatscreen), and watched some more.

Finally finished up in the den for the last 5 minutes of the game.   Decided to relax after it was over.  Watched an old episode of House, and then Cold Case. 

A lot of TV for me in one day. My eyes are burning. But I was happy with the game outcomes, and got a lot of stuff done.  Weekend went to fast.   as usual.  Travel durig the week eats up your weekends.

My friend said this morning “Good Morning, its Monday again”.

Thanks for Reading.  I’ll see you soon.



  1. well, as you already know I LOVE to watch too much TV, and that’s why I have a television in every room of the house [except for the bathrooms!]

  2. I tend to have the t.v. on for background noise, not to watch. OR, it’s everyone else in the house that is always watching something. I actually watch very little.

  3. You are the multi-tasking god. Tv and still getting everything done. Not happy with the Chargers can though….

  4. I put the Minn-Dallas game on my monitor in my (home) office and got a ton of stuff done. Loved the outcome (big Favre fan) and the feeling of accomplishment.

  5. we got home from a road trip at 2pm. So, he sat down to watch pregame stuff. then the 3pm game, then we had dinner, then the 6:40 game. And then we went to bed. Got nothing else done but that and he was sooo happy. Once a week, why not?

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