38030 feet

January 15, 2010

Altitude says 38030 feet.

Yeah,  flying home.

Good trip, got a lot done.   It’s busier now as we have less staff.  New bosses, new rules, and as usual, cut, cut, cut.  I have no idea how to cut any more but somehow we will.  It’s hard to support folks out of the mainland and not travel.  You can only do so much via tele/video conferencing.  To gain trust, you need one on one.  Like a relationship. 

I’m in 4E.  Jack is in 4B so we’re across aisles.  We have all the in flight entertainment we want and he’s playing solitaire.  Look at me, I watch the movie, use my laptop (now) and listen to my iPod which I DID take with me. Last post I said I forgot it. Nope. In my briefcase under some folders.   Damned thing is so thin. I have an older Nano.

My phone can play mp3’s but why waste phone battery on music.

So this earthquake in Haiti is very upsetting.  I’m gonna paint a picture that’s ugly.

Take your neighborhood and crush all its inhabitants. Oh and the school your kids are in, and your husband/wife/lover’s business.  Close all the stores you shop in and cut your electricity. Sit unprotected and anticipate anarchy.  It’s far away and we watch the upsetting photos and videos.  We thank god it’s not here.  Maybe for a minute,  question faith when we see innocent people killed by god’s earth.  I was less than 200 miles from it when it happened.  I didn’t feel anything, but talked to some who did.  Local television here is much more..explicit.  Horrifying images that you won’t see on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and FOX.   Death on display in it’s worst form.

I’m impacted.  I’ve been coming to this island for over 25 years. I understand and live base Caribbean culture beyond the resorts and cruise ships where poverty resides. I have made and love many friends here.  I respect the folks here. The same could happen here while I’m in my plush concrete oceanfront hotel.  We were watching and concerned for Tsunami’s.  OK, Tsunami’s mostly occur from earth movement beneath the sea. But….Very humbling.  Guess it’s just another driver in life 53.3’s version that handles focus, preparedness and direction. I need to download that soon.

I write a lot about being yourself.  As much as I try I still need to. I so want to see my children and family right now.

Don’t let disaster be a catalyst for recognizing those you love. If anything , let it remind you that love is wonderful and sharing it is precious. 

Ok, we return you to the current programming….

….passing the hotel key by the new touchless sensors , opening the door. There she was, my sweetie standing in nothing but a smile in the room. My day was hard from technical discussion and business politics. Cocktails on the coffee table, her long cool tan lines from the day by the pool truly evident. Wow, I never imagined this moment could happen and got so physically excited.  She said, “‘come here honey… “ 


Thanks for reading.   Tell your family you love them.

I’ll see you soon!



  1. for real? Your sweetie got to join you? Nice.

    Your words paint a picture…a chance to start over.

  2. Life is precious. There’s so much we take for granted. Why is it so hard to remember that until there’s a disaster of such epic proportions?

  3. I often say I love you in my txt messages to my family 🙂

  4. I am very saddened by the disaster in Haiti. But, I always make it a point to tell the people important in my life just how much I love them. Seriously, tomorrow is promised to no one.

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