It Don’t Hurt

January 12, 2010

I don’t know what movie I’m watching.  I woke up after it started.  CO#470 to SJU.

It has Carol Burnett, Michael Keaton, and that woman from Glee.  No I’ve never watched Glee, but have seen the commercials.  This cute young brunette can’t find a job.  It’s a goofy movie. No not a “Goofy” movie – (ahey-yup).

I read a few of your posts when we were on the runway.  I’m such a rule breaker,  I had my phone on into the sky.  I followed myself via GPS until I disappeared.  I was reading Half Past Kissin’ Time when I lost signal.. So it was Half of Half Past…

I’m on my way to Puerto Rico again.  Business. 

The movie I just found out is called “Post Grad” The young brunette is Alexis Bledel.  Never hear of her. But she’s cute. I’d let her toast my waffles.

During the movie her father, played by Michael Keaton runs over the neighbor’s cat. I laugh out loud. The woman in 3E didn’t find it amusing.  I took my headphones off, looked at her and said, “Hun, it’s a movie”.  She muttered something in Spanish. It had the word “loco” in it.


Somewhere out in the Atlantic there’s someone on a boat looking up at the vapor trails from this 757-300 as it heads south towards warm weather….

Tonight I will entertain about 10 people at a nice restaurant.  I’m thanking them for their diligence during the holidays. With their help I completed a successful project .

Alexis Bledel is cute.

Jack is in 1B.  During a cup of coffee yesterday morning when I announced I had been upgraded again, he was pouting.  He was in coach.  I told him to upgrade himself if he could.  He stopped pouting.

Alexis Bledel has nice blue eyes.  As does my older daughter – They are probably the same age.  LOL

I’ve been playing my guitar a lot lately. I’ve decided to abandon songwriting for a bit and learn a bunch of popular standards.  For discipline purposes.  When you write your own songs, you never play it wrong.  So you get lazy.  If I sharpen up my fingers, I can play along with my buddies at a bar or something like that.  Maybe mix in my originals eventually.

“Nobody here can say they blame me, for looking at you like I do,

I just can’t let another day go by without tryin’ to get a hold of you.

You make me turn the color red, from my toes up to my head,

You make me dream all night about, what you’d look like in my bed.”

Well Alexis Bledel ends up with her dream job but leaves it to chase her boyfriend who goes to school in New York.   (dope)

The flight attendant just walked by with a tray of Bloody Mary’s.   Hmmmm….   Jack and I are to meet Chip at the bar in the continental terminal.  A central meeting point, he’s coming in from Philly.

Willy from Oscar’s Tavern (actually my Uncle in real life) used to make great Bloody Mary’s.  A seasoned bartender from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, he moved to Vero Beach, Florida and tended there before he died about 10 years ago.  He was a great guy.  It’s why I remember him in that blog. I could tell some stories.

I brought my fancy noise cancelling headphones with me and forgot my iPod.  It’s charging on my desk at home. Using my laptop here, I’m playing MP3’s and waves of music.  I’m listening to Three Doors Down, and immediately after, the recent audio blog from HPKT comes on.  The one her sister wrote about the spa lights.   I kept it because I wanted to play it to my daughter. I’m laughing at it now.

John Mellencamp’s “Melting Pot” followed the spa rant.  

Tonight after the dinner, we will visit the bar at the hotel for a nightcap(s).   The lovely Jessica will greet me with a big hug and kiss.  She’s a pretty girl.  I always like to see the look on Jack and Chips faces when she does that.  J   Hey, I’ve been coming here for some time now, tip 20% or more every time. Sat and closed the bar with her many times, just bull$hitting.  She saw a picture of my sweetie on my cell phone background and said.. ”Oh she’s beautiful”.  Then she had Diana (another barmaid) take our picture together arms around each other by the stairway. When I went to transfer it to my pc, it somehow got corrupted.  100 other photos of dumb stuff and this nice one got messed up.  Ain’t  funny I tell ya!   I brought the Kodak this time. I’ll share the photo of the drunk and the pretty barmaid with you.  

I’ve become friends with “The Girl”. She doesn’t live that far from me.  We chat through gmail chat.  She is going through a difficult time right now. For those of you who have read her blog, you would get the impression she’s a tough girl.  She’s no slouch, but is fragile like all of us at times.  I’ve been supportive for her as I can relate to difficulties in relationships and life.  Say a prayer for her.  I have gained a lot of respect for her.  I know so many like her.  Wow.  

It don’t hurt like it did, I can sing my song again- scrape the paper off the wall, I put down carpet in the hall, I left no trace of you at all, and I can sing my song again…..  Sheryl Crow

I guest posted for her recently.

Thanks for reading my off the cuff spew!  LOL

I’ll see you soon!



  1. Never heard about Alexis Bledel but yup she is cute 😛
    Hope the dinner goes/went great 🙂

  2. I loved the stream of consciousness style…btw – Alexis Bledel is younger than your oldest daughter! LOL

  3. I love these “off the cuff” posts.

    Alexis Bledell is well known for her role as Rory in the t.v. series “Gilmore Girls.” My oldest developed his crush on her when she was in the movie “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” She’s good. I like her.

    How frustrating that your picture with Jessica was corrupted. Murphy’s Law. Hope you get another good one.

    It’s good that you’re dedicating time to your music. You deserve something for you, something that feeds your soul.

    I’ll say a prayer for the girl.

  4. I love stream of consciousness posts like this! Its so REAL! I hope you enjoy your time in PR. And be glad your not freezing in NJ.

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