Back in The Box

January 4, 2010

Well we’re (or most of us are) back to work after the holiday break.  I deal with a lot of folks in Puerto Rico, so they’re still in the holiday season with Three Kings Day, December 6th. Very much celebrated like another Christmas.  Picking up the ball at work. I’m happy, the diligence I did before the holiday break paid off. Not as much stuff attacking me as I check email at work. Things are …running as planned.  Holy Cow!   25 years in the business and I’ve finally got it.  LOL

But then again, its a Monday after break, AND PR is quiet.  Who knows what lurks beyond the email.  Or when everything is full swing on the 11th.  < I have typed the as “teh” so many times today, if one gets by, forgive me.> Anyway, it’s a decent start to the work year.  I’m pleased.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year.  I joke that I’m so perfect. I’m not God, Not Jesus, or any high level religious figure, I’m no saint, but just below them. This usually gets a lot of laugh….What…

I’ll just continue to try my best at doing what I can for my family and friends, and maybe something for myself this year.  Something I tend not to do.  I think a lot of us tend to put more emphasis on others, and not enough on ourselves.  It’s said you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with others.  I dunno. You don’t have to be perfect or happy with your life to be able to help others.

A friend I refer to as Charlene over at Oscars, is a lot like me.  Her and I had a long “chat online” about love today. She’s all about a man who gives her part-time attention.  He’s a nice guy and all, but “Isn’t that much into you”.  I had her and another two friends on chat at the same time. all relationship stuff.  I’m no pro, but I’ve been there.  I usually help them say what they can’t, or won’t admit.  I’ll have my hands full this year.  🙂  But I love them.  I have to narrow my bandwidth this year a bit. Make some time for myself.             >yeah right

I received a little gift from a friend of mine. A Roadmouse. Its a mouse thats shaped like a Ford GT. You click on the fenders and the headlight on teh the pressed side lights up and it reacts like a regular mouse. Wireless.  He bought it for me because he knows I love Mustangs (cars).   He saw GT and bought it for me.  A popular version of the Mustang is the GT.  Well its not a Mustang mouse, its a GT mouse. They sell Mustang GT mice. This is a  different car.  So I just acted like it was a Mustang, thanked him for it and everything was nicey nice.  It’s a cool mouse, even if it was a… Yugo, its neat.  Someone said, I should tell him its not a Mustang.  No, its not important.

I actually picked up my guitar and spent a few hours in the studio last week. Holy $#it!  Realized I need to get rid of the rust. I told my buddy in Colorado I was “Gonna learn how to play this thing”.  He responded, “What have you been doing with it all these years, it sounded ok.”    I guess I want to be more disciplined in my playing ability, and more diverse. So when I jam out with Funkytown Frank (another story) I won’t be left behind. FF says he wishes he played as good as I do.  I say I wish I played like him.  He’s disciplined.  I know how to PLAY it.  Yeah, I know. Makes sense to me though.  🙂

Well I hope all of you get off to a good start this year. 

Thanks for reading – I’ll see you soon.           (there’s supposed to be a Snoopy picture here – something is wacky with WordPress today, so pretend there’s one there playing a guitar) Yeah, see it!



  1. It’s nice to get a mellow start to the work week after an extended vacation like that. Good for you.

    Note to self. A GT is not a Mustang. I probably didn’t know that.

    Make time for you. You deserve it.

  2. I’m psyched to hear you are playing your guitar again!

    “I’ll just continue to try my best at doing what I can for my family and friends, and maybe something for myself this year.”

    Yes! Good for you!!!

  3. Hey! Just wanted to say hi!!!! Hopefully will have more time to blog soon!!!!

    Take care and have a wonderful day!!!!!!

  4. happy new year! part time attention, i like it to. it’s all about balance

  5. LOl..this is great. From the tone of the post, i take it you feel wonderful?

    Happy New Year O!

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