2010 and counting…

December 30, 2009

happy-new-year002.gif Happy New Year image by norahs5701

The rest of our lives…

Yup.  Another new year is upon us.  Looking back on 2009 it was an …eh.. year.

Lot’s of wonderful things:

  • My new granddaughter
  • My trips to Florida
  • Meeting someone VERY special………………..
  • being pretty healthy
  • And still working

On the other hand…

Well I think you all have been victims of the economy, or should I say government mistakes.

Some of us have lost loved ones.

I made a mistake and think I hurt someone, it bothers me so much.

All in all it was an average year. Nothing to write home to momma about.  

I’m gonna pray for all of us for a better new year.  Even if it was the best year for you , why not have 2010 be better-er!

Thanks and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year to all of my friends I have met here in blog land, I love you all and look forward to being a part of all this fun.

    G       (aka Oscar)



  1. It was definitely a roller-coaster year. I guess that’s what life is all about. Sometimes it’s just so hard. But, as you pointed out, there was a lot of good to go along with the bad. Gotta be grateful for that.

    Hope your 2010 is wonderful!

  2. all good things to be grateful for. Happy New Year!

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