Time Between

December 28, 2009

So this is the time “between the holidays”.  I’m lucky,  I pretty much get to take it off every year.  This year I really didn’t plan anything as I was expecting the Florida family to be up here, and would spend the time with them.  Well as you have read before they couldn’t make it up this year. I offered to pay for their trip, but they didn’t want me to “pay for every thing”.  LOL So I have decided to relax.

So I find myself with free time.  A rare thing. How many times have I complained that I have no time. Now I do.  So I’ll:

Rest, watch a movie, play my guitar,  mess around with the computer, visit some of my friends, do some blogging. Yes.  Right after I:

Get on the phone and try to convince the healthcare company that my youngest WAS INDEED covered when she had that minor  surgery.

Try to reach the IRS about a dispute on a stock sale .

Find the basement.

Fix the basement door.

Get more firewood…

Yep. Relax this time .    That’s what I’ll do today.

I hope your Christmas was peaceful and full of family and fun.  Even though my Florida family wasn’t here, my New Jersey family was and it was nice. 

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you soon!



  1. It sounds like you might need another vacation in order to find time to relax and enjoy being on vacation! 🙂

    Enjoy. And try not to work too hard!

  2. Just relax, and ENJOY some downtime! You need to give yourself a break!! 🙂

  3. When your down swing south and fix somethings for me would ya? Other than the house chores, which I think you should skip – sounds enjoyable. Jealous.

  4. Sounds like some perfect options. I’m enjoying my time off, too. Tonight, it’s Mexican food with some long-time girlfriends (I was going to say “old girlfriends,” but I didn’t want to date anyone, haha). Good luck with those disputes!

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