Two Feet of Snow

December 21, 2009

I have a running joke with a good friend’s daughter in Colorado.  We take pictures of our feet at opportune special moments and send them to each other.  Yesterday she sent a picture of her feet in flip flops outside.  It was 50 degrees in Colorado where they live and she showed me so this way. I replied its 20 degrees and we had 7 inches of snow. She replies… “Suck it up” , So I sent this:

She said…   “LOL  But mine are prettier..”

So I sent THIS back:

Now she said I was nuts.  And although they were quite festive, HERS were STILL Prettier. Its all in the lighting I replied.

Yes, I forgot to save her foot picture, otherwise I’d show ya.  

Have a great day!  Stay Warm!  

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!



  1. You are nuts! LOL!

  2. The lights in your toes are funny, and you are one brave man to have put your bare feet in the snow like that!

  3. I’m looking at your pictures and going brrrr…

  4. that is funny! I send pictures of my feet/legs to J when I am sitting on the beach in the summer. and then he’ll send me pictures of himself napping

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