Shut up and cut the tree…

December 8, 2009

A few comments from the last post.  I got a lot of responses.  No, I’m not going political. Adding to a fathers frustration: On top of all my kids being out of work, my oldest daughter’s husband is out of work. (3 kids) They’ve done everything they can to get all benefits owed to them. Part of that is healthcare. So with unemployment, you can file for Medicare.  Good. NOT.  My daughter has her Dad’s knees and has pain in one of them. Ok. Go to the doctor (find one that takes Medicare cases) send you for treatment. Ooops!  They don’t think you qualify for that treatment.  You’re a 31 year old woman, you shouldn’t have pain like that. So in short she isn’t covered for pain that cripples her. I thank god I have the means to help her.

What would happen if I couldn’t?

This is a hint of what Government healthcare is going to do for you.  OK?  Oh? The sheep didn’t think about this. Oops?  You didn’t do your research before you voted. Again I pray the lord keeps dad employed. I know my readers are smart people. It wasn’t you.

Reduce corporate Taxes. Rekindle jobs here in the USA.

Ok. I’ll get off of my box.  I’m a frustrated parent.  My children are my life.  A lot of my regular readers are younger, or their children are. I really feel sorry for them. If things continue the way they are, your kids will all be in distribution and retail.

Nothing is made here anymore.  Reduce corporate taxes.


Back to the Nicey nice…

 I went out to Pennsylvania this weekend to cut my own Christmas tree. A thing I do every year. A tradition that started years ago.  A day out with the family going to that field to cut down the perfect tree. Very Waltonesque.

I like it.  Life has changed the participants and connections, but I still do it.  I drove a bunch of miles out to the Pocono Mountains to a tree farm. http://www.walkerstreefarm.com/  It was an interesting trip as I haven’t been out to that part of Pennsylvania. We drove through a mountain!   (yeah, I’m mountain experiance lacking)

And yes, it was colder. My regular readers know I HATE cold. I was on top of a mountain in about 12 degree temperatures.  OK, I know a lot of my readers are subject to colder temperatures, but I still hate it. I live 20 miles due west of New York City, anything north of that is too cold.

BUT…It was my newest granddaughters first Christmas and I wasn’t going to take her to a damned roadside stand. So I braved the elements.  Found after wandering a 100 acre farm, ( IN THE COLD! DAMN! WHY DOES SNOW EXIST !!!) a spruce that was 9 foot tall (I usually get 10-11) about 6 foot wide at the bottom, triangular beauty.

They provide saws for you to cut them with as you enter. I grabbed one, the Paul Bunyan I am.  When we found the tree, I started cutting. The public saws are so cheap and flimsy that I had a hard time cutting. I told the rest of the group to go back and get warm at the barn where they have food and stuff.  I’ll cut the tree and tag it for the wagons that come through. They left. I wanted them to be warm and especially my lil grand-daughter. Well the saw was so bad. I stood and waited for the wagon. A tractor pulled trailer. I stopped them and stated how lousy the saw was, knowing they have chain saws. A ten got my tree cut real nice. They put it on the wagon and I walked back to the barn. Huffing and puffing and frost bitten. Hey – it’s a big a$$ed farm! There was all this cold white crap!!! They bundle it up for you and give you a wagon to lug it to your car/truck.  I brought my Sport trac (truck) for this and I was all set. My sister and her kids got their trees along with my neighbor who I bring every year . I actually DID cut down  her tree. Her husband died years ago. We’ve  kind of adopted her as a sister. 🙂

It was a decent trip home. Funny it always seems not as long going home. Stopped at a “Texas Roadhouse” restaurant on the way and had a late late lunch. They didn’t have Lone Star beer!! Paid for my youngest, my daughter-in-law and lil baby and myself. My son was working in the city (NYC) and couldn’t come.

Add that to gas, coffee’s and other stuff. A $200.00 day for a tree I could buy for $50.00 at a roadside stand.  But the time spent and memories are priceless.

Hey – it’s fresh, no needles falling. And we all spent a traditional day together.

Moral: Cut corporate taxes, travel for fresh trees in faraway places and enjoy time with your family. Create memories.

Remember when grandpa used to take us in his truck out to god’s country and wander for an hour in frostbitten cold to cut us a tree?

Thaaats right. As Charlene would say.

Yeah. It’s all good.

Thanks for reading!   See you soon!


  1. I’m so sorry that your kids fell victim to this damn economy. Every day I count myself lucky that I still have a job.

    I’m glad that in spite of the troubles, you were able to enjoy a Christmas tradition with your family. They WILL remember these outings with fondness and love.

  2. I think that one of the things I’d like to experience is going out and cutting down my own Christmas tree. I think the last real tree we had was many many years ago when I was little. I just remember my mom being worried about all the pine needles. After that, it’s been artificial ones.

  3. You’re a sweet pops. The best kind.

    Hope that frostbite doesn’t kill you dude, we just started getting snow up here TODAY!

  4. I agree with Terri Terri’s comment. because that really IS what matters most.

    As for Medicare? Im on that, and ITS AWFUL. I feel for your daughter.

  5. we cut our tree down a few times, the last time we did it, we were all excited for it to be chilly and wear scarves and stuff and it turned out to be 65 degrees that day and we were sweating and it didn’t feel terribly Christmassy.

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