Change is…

December 4, 2009

So not only am I known as Oscar the friendly Bartender, I’m also an employee of a large fortune 100 company. Lucky to have a job.  All…ALL of my children (>23 yrs old)  are out of work.  And have no avail to the stimulus joke.  I’m thier “support” package.  Dear God keep me employed… But I work hard for a drug company, so they’ll kill us too. The only existing leader of technology and jobs in the US.  It this continues, there will be NO NEW DRUGS to help you with NEW diseases and the betterment of others.   We can all rely on technology from China.  We’ll have lead based coated Advil.

I don’t use my blogs as a political platform but…  after reading this…..

President Obama touted the underlying numbers in today’s unemployment report, noting that the rate of lost jobs is slowing considerably, but adding that “we still have a long way to go.”

Speaking at a community college in Allentown, Pa., Obama stressed that while the nation lost 11,000 jobs in November, that was about 115,000 fewer than forecast. And the actual unemployment rate dropped, from 10.2 percent to 10 percent. “Overall, this is the best jobs report we’ve seen since 2007,” Obama said, though he added he wants to keep things “in perspective.”

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        Mr. Obama    THERE ARE HARDLY ANY JOBS LEFT TO LOSE!!!!!! 

Why did people back in Clintons presidency think about impeachment when he was diddling his interns.  Yet this inexperianced “media rock star” is slowly handing this country to socialism.

Cut corporate taxes and let US industry grow here again. That is the ONLY solution.  Simple as it seems, that will solve a lot of the problems.   I’m just a lowly bartender.   But I’m an informed citizen.   Don’t follow media. learn for yourself.

By the way…notice how much time Mr Obama  spends on the road hypnotizing people versus being in Washington running the government???

We’re all sheep.

Well not me. How about you?

Sorry to try to wake you all up. This is blogland where everyone shares their happy..  not the bad.

Whew.   Sorry   I had to vent.  I’ll try not to do that again.

Meanwhile the title of this post..is what I planned.

A co-worker of mine who I have been close friends with for over 15 years is being transferred to another site as we have to cut.  Its 36 miles more for her to travel. I will miss her a lot.  We can still call, we have MS communicator (Microsoft chat)  and email. She IS a major contributor to the content of Oscar’s Tavern… 

Change to build is good.   Change to satisfy isn’t.

Thanks for reading.  See you soon.



  1. I completely feel your frustration in this post and it is completely understandable. This country is going to shit if someone doesn’t do something soon. I hope things get better for your family honey.

  2. I’m with you…

  3. Dude, your post is so much like my last one. I was interviewed by NPR about being unemployed for so long. I’ve got a link to the story they ran. Check it out when you get the chance….

  4. Its good to vent. Im sorry to hear about ALL of your children being out of work. My gosh it’s TERRIBLE out there!

  5. Venting works! Thinking of you…. ((((hugs)))

  6. I SO know. I am employed by myself and can’t get work.

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