Tis The Season….

November 30, 2009

Well the lights are up.  I put them up this weekend. I started Thanksgiving morning. 

There’s a silly contest between my neighbors and I.  Who turns their lights on first.  I won last year.  One neighbor in particular, a widow, always has her lights put up by a handyman. She had her lights up last weekend (11/21)  , she was ready….

Early Thanksgiving morning, I put up enough to call it decorated. I was ready. Put the white candles in the windows…etc.  My decorations take about 3 days. Debugging the old sets, 3 trips to the store for new ones once I get frustrated with those damned lights.  I rewired the illuminated reindeer.  Took me 2 hours.  I wasn’t as comfortable on the roof like I usually am this year.  Normally I’m Clark Griswold up and down the ladder, across the roof.  I won’t admit I’m older.  My home is 2 floors, I used to run lights across the roofline on the second floor. Not any more.

During Thanksgiving dinner, my cousin asks, ” Hey – did your neighbor beat you with the lights?”

“$HIT  It’s 4:00″    I looked out the window. Her house was dark. Perhaps she was at her son’s house for the holiday. But wait, she uses a timer!  I leaped away from the table and flipped the switch (now on timers too) and lit the house.  I won.   Yee haw!!!!

Later that evening I looked outside.  No lights on her house.  They were up….

The day after Thanksgiving I was putting more lights up and she said, ” Damn, you beat me again..”

“Yeah, what happened? I saw your lights last week?”  

“They’re all blown out, from the lightning”


Last week there was a freak strike of lightning that made everyone sit 2 inches higher. We blew it off as something nearby.  It hit her house and ruined all her appliances, internet, PC, and… the lights.

I went to Home Depot yesterday and bought new lights for her. My son and I put them up real quick (one story house) and connected them to her timer while she was out. I left a note. “Merry Christmas”.

She thanked me later that night and still cursed me out for being first.    🙂

The holiday season…  here we go!  

Thanks for reading!   – See you soon!



  1. That was VERY sweet of you to buy new lights for your neighbor and to enlist your son’s help in putting them up. That’s the true spirit of the season right there.

  2. Oscar, buying lights for your neighbors place is an interesting way to spread holiday spirit. Now add 3 martinis and a fruit cake. Wow, there’ll be reindeer heading your way from all over! Sandy

  3. You are such a great guy….that was so sweet of you and your son. I’m really impressed.

  4. P.S. The house looks nice from what I can see

  5. I am putting up our tree this weekend with the help of my 2 kids. I’m sure it will look uneven and crazy…but it will be beautiful!!!!!

  6. you should put them up on Halloween next year, less risk of losing!

  7. I miss having MY OWN house to hang lights! Sadly, I wont have any xmas lights this year!

  8. What a guy! 🙂

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