Veterans Day and Phone Nerds

November 12, 2009

Well I was tied up with a bunch of things and didn’t get to Thank all of the veterans who have fought and served for us here in the United States and abroad.  Thanks to all of you. My dad was a veteran of the Korean War.

Technology break:  Isn’t if funny how we get new things, (in my case a new cell phone) and we are unhappy with it until we figure it out.  I’m doing this now. I got a “smart” phone and am slowly getting used to the way it does things versus the way I was used to. My friends are also going through this with me as I send messages like ” Hpw aRe uu?”   Some on screen keypads are designed for folks with small fingers I guess.  I suggest someone invent a finger sharpener…  Bear with me.   Oh I can read all of your See full size imageblogs with it, so that’s cool.  Right?   Now I can comment more..right?   All of this information on a small screen.  We’ll all be blind from squinting in time.   But I gotta have it….    I am a sheep of technology.    I was with my buddy Chip at the phone store trying it out, calling him, studying the phone. I looked at us both and said, ” Are we phone nerds?” I felt like the guys on “The Big Bang Theory“.

Oh!  Go wish our friend Terri a Happy Birthday!  

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!



  1. The phone looks really cool! You’ll have it all figured out soon enough.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. OMG-“Finger sharpener”!! That’s hilarious. I’d like to have a new phone, but I’m avoiding it, too, because of the learning curve. I don’t have time for that!!

    Good to hear from you 🙂

  3. I’m terrible but I avoid new technology. I get comfortable with something and I like to stick with it. My phone is probably considered a dinosaur, but I know how to use it and the keys are a little bigger than the newer phones. I’ll keep it until it gives out. Your phone does sound cool and I hope you enjoy it . . . once you figure it out. BTW, don’t they have little pen like things you can use on the small keys? It might be easier than a “finger sharpener.” LOL

  4. my guy got an iphone 4 months after mine. He barely used it except to make calls. Then he got it all synced and figured out and now he loves it. He even says it sometimes, “I never thought I would love it this much.” It’s as emotional as he’ll get about some things.

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