Home Again

October 23, 2009

The dogs barked and jumped up to greet me…”Down!  Ok, Ok…down!….OOOh(paw in groin)  GET DOWN!

Petting proceeds, each of 3 insisting I pet THEM.

The cat braves this mayhem and circles my feet, Meowing.  So thats 3 dogs and a cat making noise. Meanwhile my daughter has the stereo on 11.  Singing out loud. 

The landscaper just begins blowing the colorful leaves that litter my lawn for a week into a pile by the street. The Whir of the blowers….

Someone left clothes in the dryer and it constantly buzzes, alerting us to empty it. Actually amazed someone is using it.

I carry my bags upstairs to my room and sit for a minute. The smoke alarm sounds.  My daughter is burning a grilled cheese sandwich on the stove.

I’ve been up since 4:00am.   Slept for about an hour on the plane from San Juan to Newark.

Crazy noisy – its good to be home.  All I need right now are the items shown above…   a kiss would be nice.


I’m going to Florida next Wednesday to see my oldest and her family.   Can’t wait!!!!

I’m tired.  Travel weary, miss my sweetie.    I’m takin’ a nap…well’  I’ll try to.

Have a great weekend!  GO YANKEES!!!!!!

Thanks for reading – see you soon!



  1. Hey, at least you know the pets are happy to see you! Doesn’t that make you feel loved and needed?

    I’ll bet you’re going to sleep like a baby tonight.

  2. Isn’t coming home just wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful time in Florida with your daughter! I’m tipping my glass of wine to you.

  3. So the travel man finally makes it home. Congrats. Hope home life settles down a bit for you soon. BTW I won’t take offense to the Yankee comment. But I should….

  4. Welcome home……hope you have a great time in Florida – GO PHILLIES !

  5. You are a busy guy. Glad you have the love of family around you whenever you’re up for it. 🙂

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