My Kind of Town…

October 7, 2009


Hi, I’m in Chicago!  Actually have been since Monday.  I’ve always enjoyed Chicago.

1006091711chOne great thing about here is that there are a lot of great resturants! Monday night we ate at a place called Gibson’s.  A great steakhouse!   Watched Monday Night Football there.  2 inch thick prime rib!!!  It was bigger than me!  This place is located on Rush street, a very nice area!


This is a view from my hotel parking lot!   $36 bucks for valet parking!!!!!!


We had dinner here Tuesday night. Very good $eafood!  (no typo)

Watched the Twins win.

More later, its  3:43am, I have a “date” for breakfast and need to sleep.

Off to Minneapolis tomorrow – Look out Wisconsin, I’m drivin through!

Thanks for reading ! I’ll see you soon!


  1. You’re makin’ me hungry! I could go for a good prime rib!

  2. I live here and you’ve given me so many ideas for date nights with the husband. Thanks! Why does Chicago always look so much better through a visitor’s camera? Maybe those of us who live here just forget to see what makes Chicago unique and beautiful, closing our eyes to it?

    Try to get some sleep tonight . . .

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