Friday Quickie

October 2, 2009

No, I’m not THAT lucky…

Just a quick note.  Traveling next week to the Windy city and the Twin Cities.  I’ll be waving at ya as I drive through! Its a roller coaster lately with travel. Seeds sewn earlier in the year have started to bear fruit so I have to harvest. Got plan better next year. Acutally in the road more than home this month.

My oldest daughter came up from Florida yesterday evening. She’s staying through the weekend for my Son’s baby’s Christening Sunday. I’m smiling!

More about that during a flight or drive time.  I’ll try not to blunk.   🙂

Enjoy the weekend, protest cold!  (so I go to cold cities)

PR the following week, Kentucky the one after.   It’s killing me.  Its work.

Thanks for reading – will try to get to all of you asap.

Read This – funny the small world we live in.



  1. I am impressed you hold doors open. I’m not kidding. It just relieves me that manners are lost or forgotten. So, call me old fashioned. It is indeed a small world.

    I feel bad for you doing all that traveling. As Mr. Arnold replied to Kevin Arnold’s question about work, “Work is Work.” I think you know exactly what he means.

    I’m sure you’ll be relieved to see the end of October . . . except for the really cold weather to come in November. Ooops.

    Can a positive be that you’re adding to your frequent flier miles???????

  2. The Twin Cities! I’ll wave at you as you come through! I’ll be the one in the parka and earmuffs.

  3. Safe travels Oscar !

  4. I’ve never been to Chicago, even though I went to college a few hours from there. (Twin Cities IS Chicago, right?) As for the small world stories on the blog, too funny. Happens alot around me recently too.

  5. I’m so jealous of your trip to Chicago. I love it there.

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