Words of Wisdom *

September 29, 2009

sign (2)

 Boy doesn’t this summarize my life lately.  I saw it at a Cracker Barrel Resturant in East Greenbush, New York.  I was up that way with my friends this past weekend. The apple picking weekend. 

It was a fun weekend. Spent with good friends in Albany. We do this apple picking thing every year at a place called Bowman Ordhards.  We pick bushels (bags) of apples for bakingand eating. Brought home Jonamac’s, macintoch, and Honey Crisp.  The Honey Crisps are good eatin!

I went to a movie.  Yes, me.  The only time I ever go to a movie is when I’m in Albany.  LOL   Saw “Surrogates” with Bruce Willis.  I like him. The movie was difficult to understand at first, but once you get it, (half hour in) it grabs you. So those who don’t get absorbed quick will fall asleep.  I liked it. My buddy’s wife snored.

Go figure a friend of mine at work is moving to East Greenbush. A victim of cuts here, she found a new opportunity up there to move to.  Upstate New York is nice.  I told her when she gets all settled up there, she’ll be in peak foliage season.  So now I have another friend up there!

Between teleconferences… gotta go.

Thanks for reading!   I’ll see you soon!


Tongue by you.   Oh……..This cracked me up!!!   You gotta love Terri!  



  1. I too was at the Cracker Barrel this weekend! We were the hung over ones with the baby there. Table for 10

  2. Yes, you do gotta love Terri! Her and Snoopy are making me laugh over here. Your apple picking weekend sounds wonderful! It’s nice when you can take time for you and just live life. It’s even nicer when you have friends all over the country you can visit.

  3. Good “Words of Wisdom.” That’s a big part of the reason I chose to retire early!

    You have reminded me that it’s time to bake an apple pie! Best get on that…..

  4. Mmmm… apples. I LOVE Honeycrisps! Whatcha gonna make with the baking kind?

    I rarely see movies in the theater. Sitting in those seats for a couple hours makes my knees ache. But I’ll deal with it for a REALLY good movie. Maybe I’ll give this one a shot. I like Bruce Willis too.

    You posted my picture, LOL! Thanks1

  5. oh tis the season!!!!!!! I made my first apple crisp of the year last week. It wasn’t even close to being enough. Guess I’ll have to double it next time!

  6. Making Pies ? So cool you held the door for Cute Ella … she told me yesterday and I almost fell out of my chair.

  7. I live for apple picking time, here in our parts. Where I grew up in Southern Cal, we didn’t have it.

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