A Moment of Solitude and Flapjacks

September 22, 2009

There are times I sit quietly in a room and reflect. Last night was one of those nights. I had the TV on, although not really paying attention to it.  A cup of coffee and a scented candle.  (no, the damned dog kept farting)  I was thinking of someone dear to me and composed a song for her.  Sorry, I won’t share it today as I haven’t sent it to her yet.  There was an episode of HOUSE on. This particular scene was just 2 people embracing in each others arms.  The actor, Hugh Laurie had this expression on his face and his eyes were tearing from emotion. I sat and watched that and wished my songstress was in mine.

In other news; Next weekend is my yearly trip to Albany to pick apples.  That should be fun.  I make a weekend of it. Drive up, stay over, out all day at the orchard, and stay over again, drive home.  Should be fun.  I stay with a friend and his wife. I refer to him as “Flapjack Steve”.  Known for that as that’s how he orders pancakes.  Not a usual term around here. Well not these days. It’s funny watching younger servers turn thier heads and look at him when he says, ” I ‘ll have the blueberry flapjacks”.  Usually not on a menu.  It’s just another name for pancakes…


Big travel schedule coming up. It’s exhausting, and I’m trying NOT TO. 

Someone mentioned that word yesterday, I cringed……       “Christmas“.

Have a great day!

Thanks for reading – I’ll see you soon!



  1. I wish your songstress was in yours, too.
    BTW, I love House and watch it whenever I can. Hugh Laurie is an excellent actor.
    You’re trying not to what?
    When I walked into the retail store I worked at, the Christmas trees and decorations were up. Oh, yuck. I’m not even ready for Halloween, let alone Christmas.
    Have a WONDERFUL time this weekend! Will you be enjoying some “flapjacks” too?

  2. Damn those people and that word. My friend said she was starting her shopping. I hate her. I also hate reflecting, it never turns out well. As for apples, I WANNA COME !!

  3. When you go apple picking, see if you can get some Honey Crisps or Sweettangos. YUM!

  4. CHRISTMAS!?!? AAAAAAH!!!!!!! I have to get by Halloween first!!! LOL!

    While I LOVE Christmastime, I am not one of those people that have their shopping done before Dec.

  5. I actually started writing down the things I am going to get my kids for Christmas so I don’t go overboard when it comes time. On top of it all, both birthdays are around Christmas. Ugh.

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