September 18, 2009

So I have to say straight off.   My head is exploding with thoughts right now.  Funny  – sometimes when you WANT to post, nothing there.  So… I couldn’t wait to finish my Sundae and coffee to have them take my tray and allow room for me to open the trusty laptop(s)  and start spilling.  As I ate I started thinking of things to say here and had a real gusher of things to splash at my readers. You’re all doomed, I made notes.  A Continental Airlines napkin with blog thoughts.  Lord help us.

Yes, a Merlot please….

My first thought  – What am I anymore?  – nah, another  time.

Second thought – I’m not a West coast guy. (Forgive me  Mike and Heather) I do enjoy visiting and a very close cousin is there. But that’s South. I’ve been North, Bay area.   Eh. Maybe it doesn’t apply.

$#it – here we go. Yeah B it’s “Blunk” time.  

Yeah I’m on a plane. 1st class. Thank God. The flight out was sudden and I was coach center seat. I have bad knees. (another topic) Flying out Monday AM I was in pain.

Business trip.  The usual, make people happy. Bring expertise there and provide suggestions.  Blah blah blah.  Gives them a “corrective action game plan”.

That’s typical for me. So let me go on.

I am in a place in life where I can’t figure out where or what I am anymore.

No – Mid-life…LOL  Hell if mid life is really true, I should have died 2 years ago.   Mid-life is an excuse for finally maturing and realizing you aren’t happy. What am I?  Oh wait. I said that’s another time.

 I’m blaming this on my damned iPod again.    Being a self proclaimed musician/songwriter, music is a big part of my life.

Ie:  “Judy in Disguise” John Fred and the Playboy Band. Hell I’m old. But hearing that makes me remember riding a bicycle across the actual bridge that Frankie Vallie sang about in the song “My eye’s Adore you”.  Oh it gets deeper.

>interruption< This damned ipod goes to “No” by Brad Paisley, I wrote about this. So I tie every song  in iTunes with a picture or the Album artwork.  

“My Heart’s Sitting on Go”… a good tune,  has a picture of the woman I refer to as Jeannie at OT. The song’s title said where it was.            That’s over and done.

I torture myself. Maybe Hell IS HERE. (another topic) Lori will kill me.

“Moving Out” by Billy Joel carries a picture of where I want to be. Oh yeah, I said not now. (Did I mention his sax player is a friend of mine?)  Yeah, Leo from OT knows The Piano Player himself. (hey, that blog says a lot, you have to stay with it and understand)

Anyway she’s my daydream. (the Movin‘out picture in the iPod…)  (When I originally typed this it said “Dayfream”.  LOL   I ‘don’t know what a Fream is.)    Mrs.4444’s – any of your students offer typing well? That post touched my heart.  (Oh and spell check knows the term iPod and iTunes.  Funny Microsoft acknowledges Apple)  T A D D  really kickin in, or is it …

So I am thinking I have to toss this thing out of the window somewhere, like maybe , eh, I don’t know Minnesota? Let someone else have it.  Or let it drop into one of the great lakes. Hopefully some lowly fish will think – Oh my COD! Some old $#it dropped his iPod.  ERASE.

Then again, it would cause a major upset during the flight.  And the nice smiling flight attendant who has kindly continued to fill at my will won’t smile at me anymore. (Another blog subject) Eh well.  I’ll just shut the damned thing off.  Remind me to rent the movie with Robert Downey and Jamie Foxx. It’s playing.  Something to do with a violin and homeless people. Funny I look at movies and never listen.  I’m listening to this damned Apple musical memory cultivating device!

Oooh!  ‘Oh Darling” by the Beatles… GOD  that’s good.   After that, yeah, I will.

But tossing it WOULD rid me of the personal engraving on the back of it from a long failed relationship.

>ding<    (the flight attendant call button)

$#it ! ”Ooohh baby baby”.  the Linda Ronstadt version.   >OUCH< 

No, the mentioned “heart going out to play” is what happens when it lives in a cold room, yearning for  a light and warmth. ….     Ummm..  LOL   Oh!  Did I ever mention I saw her once? (LR) (And a member of her band at the time was Warren Zevon!!?)  Wow.

Yeah, a lot of you know what I mean.

Nah, Mid-life is just an excuse for maturing and realizing you’ve made mistakes.  Kids are the glue that keeps you focused on something else till they’re gone.   I‘ve made a lot of mistakes (no,  bad decisions)  and have learned from them.  And for the record, I have had a Love for Mustangs since they came out in ’64.  So…    No, I couldn’t drive then. They didn’t and thank god they still don’t give drivers licenses to early Elementary school kids. There really are over 50 matchbox, Hot Wheels, and other makers of that scale toy model Mustangs in my office. Some are from 1964 and up when I had my mommy buy me them for me with my dollar every two weeks allowance. I digress.. .  A year ago I paid $ 300 bucks for one that was missing a wheel.  THAT cost me $50 bucks.

My sunset drive has me heading into it in one. Top down, my daydream wearing a matching logo cap, hair pony-tailed through the back, Ray-bans, by my side, my co-pilot.  (She’ll remind me to wear my glasses and keep the sun off my cranium.)


LeAnn Rimes – “Probably Wouldn’t be this way”   In some way I really know that pain.

Maybe everyone should drink a bit…. (sob)

How ‘bout them Giants!




  1. I have so much to say, but no words. So, I’ll just say Snoopy, keep blowin’ your horn.

  2. Have you got something against linking up your fragments?! 🙂

    I laughed really hard at your Oh my COD comment. I shared it with Kyle, and he just looked at me blankly. KIDS!

  3. Ummmm, that post keep my head spinning through out. I’m thinking maybe just flush the IPod down the toilet? Maybe? XXXXX – R.

  4. Damn music. I can relate. Can’t tell you how many times lately a song has made me cry.

  5. after reading this, I need a few drinks! heh.

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