Relaxation is for the Birds.

September 8, 2009


Hi Everyone!

I’m back.  I had a nice vacation planned, full of activities and fun and it rained 90% of the time we were there. It was awful. Now don’t get me wrong, I was with my kids, some family and friends, but 5 days of rain stranded in a beach house can really make you crazy.  Some realizations:

  • Daytime television is for idiots.
  • cable channels run the same commercials over and over and over….
  • The Weather Channel is useless.  They send Jim Cantore to a beach in Massachusetts to cover a tropical storm that had died.
  • There is never enough furniture in a living room during vacation.
  • Gift shop’s or is it Shoppes? All sell the same trash, and whats with old, and olde, time and tyme. Make up your mind, which century do we live in!!!!!
  • There are no good bagels in North Carolina.
  • I enjoy a good dry red wine. But when its raining and you run out, cheap Chianti works.
  • A hot tub loses its effect if its raining.
  • Rainy days make you think too much.  This makes you more miserable.
  • Vacation isn’t the best time to wish you were at work, or somewhere else.
  • Good things always come to an end.  There’s never a replacement good thing waiting. I need to study this.
  • If you can’t win ’em all, aren’t you supposed to win some?
  • I’m happier at work.
  • The one person who could make a rainy day a bright occasion wasn’t there. …… and may not ever be.See full size image

I’m not in the best of moods today so I’ll stop here.

Thanks for reading….  I’ve missed all of you and will try to catch up on your posts as soon as I can.



  1. Sending hugs and thoughts of lovely dry reds. Cheer up!

  2. I am waiting for Snoopy to be dancing again because I’ll know you are on your way to feeling better. Until then, know that I am only sending good thoughts your way.

    While I wouldn’t want it to rain 90 percent of the time I’m on vacation, there is something about the photo above that attracts me. It seems peaceful being lost in the fog. Maybe I like fog and rain because of my Irish heritage. They do see enough of it.

    Next time you go on vacation in the summer, come to Chicago. We’ve got a huge lake, great beaches, and plenty to do in the rain. And you won’t be stuck watching stupid daytime TV.

    Oscar, I’m lifting a glass of Miller Lite to you.

  3. “Gift shop’s or is it Shoppes? All sell the same trash, and whats with old, and olde, time and tyme. Make up your mind, which century do we live in!!!!!” LOL 😀

    I’m glad you’re back!

  4. Oh Oscar – I’m with Surprised Mom. Snoopy will be dancing again soon. Hang in there Babe. If not we can always go drinking 🙂

  5. Sometimes vacations, aren’t vacations. More work than they need to be. Here’s hoping you get some sunshine, even if it’s at work….

  6. What, no board games? Don’t tell me you’re like Mr.4444 and hate the things!? (He only likes the ones he’s good at.)

    I wonder if a hot tub loses it’s effect if it’s snowing?

    I loved this post, sorry. Your Voice shined through.

    Sorry she wasn’t there.

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