Smiles on a Stick

August 21, 2009

Eddie and I have a presentation to do next week.  We have sucessfully proven our points to the audience and are going to present the current status and upcoming scope of our project for the next year.  We have been beaten up by this group since 2006 and our steady perseverance has finally shown through.  We know this will be a tough crowd as we will be out numbered by those not in our arena.  But we are ready.  Well, working on it.   We decided that we will bring our smiles on a stick and walk into the meeting like that.

In other news….  Is it true that when women co-habitate, thier periods align?  I was told this by my daughter who informed me that with my daughter-in-law living with us, and being a nursing mother, something she emits has made her line right up with her.  Coming from a house where women out number the men for years, I ‘m beginning to understand why when life was miserable, it was REALLY miserable…..  This means that the entire house full of women are PMS-ing at the same time!?  Whooooo!!!


Hurricane “Bill” is coming and churning up the water here in the North East.  I have friends coming for the weekend to enjoy a fun filled New Jersey Summer weekend.  We’ll go to the beach and have a barbeque by my pool!    All week it was hot and sunny.  Rain projected for the weekend.   Must be getting Terri’s leftover weather!  (only kidding )


Well you enjoy your weekend!   Not many Summer ones left!

Thanks Again for reading!   We’ll see you soon!



  1. Good luck with the presentation! If anyone can win ’em over, you can!

    This is true about women and their cycles. And it’s not only in situations where they live in the same household. It happens in an office environment too, especially one like mine where the majority of employees in the department are women. Really. Start paying attention to tense days around the office. You’ll soon see that I’m right!

  2. Yes, women’s periods do line up. It’s amazing. I had five sisters and I have two daughters. It’s constant PMS and constant menstration. My husband, when it gets a bit much, calls our home, “The House of Moods.” Yes, I even laugh now.

    Smiles on a stick. Now that’s interesting . . .

    Wednesday night, yesterday and today it has gotten cooler and cooler. It has also rained since then. I’m loving it! Well, I’m loving the cooler temperatures, but the rain? Not so much. I hope you have a great weekend, in spite of the weather!

  3. They always align. I come from a family of all girls and I have two of my own. It’s hell *on a stick* Wow, who is the hot chick on your page?

  4. “Smiles on a stick” — I double-dog dare you!

    “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”
    Arthur Ashe ………….sounds like you have both: self-confidence and preparation.

    Good luck!

  5. I can’t comment on the cycles of women who live together lining up, but I can attest to the cycles of women who WORK together lining up! Especially two women, one a mere 2 months older than the other (me), both entering that mystical realm that precedes full-blown menopause!

    My assistant and I have the upper floor all to ourselves…..the last time anyone, man or woman, DARED venture upstairs was three weeks ago.

    Are they being smart or are they stair-lazy? My assistant and I are hoping for the former as that will keep our office to ourselves MUCH longer! 🙂

  6. bill didnt hit us here other than big waves and “no swimming orders” at the beaches

  7. Hope the presentation went well.

    I would love to know why that period thing happens. Is it a “pack thing?” (that’s a rhetorical question, BTW, haha)

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