SJU to EWR again

August 14, 2009

Well – SJU to EWR Eddie and I boarded our flight today with a bunch of frustration. Our IT group is ignorant and closing its doors to our challenges. We don’t mean to think. That in mind. We boarded hoping to discuss stuff on the plane. 1st class on this flight was as my oldest daughter says “Gi-normous”. 40 first class seats. We go separated. Eddie ended up sitting with an attractive blonde, me alone. (BTW – yaking up a storm – go Eddie!) It was empty. Ok, I’ll get work done. Behind me were some younger adults. As I approached my seat, I heard one say – man, he looks like dad! I heard that and replied, “now children, behave”. They laughed. I looked across the cabin to see a gentleman who resembled me (poor guy) and said, hey, you’re a handsome guy! I shook his hand. I said to the group , where’s my wife? To which a woman sitting next to the “handsome gentleman” raised her hand. I walked over , gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, “Hi Honey, hope you enjoy our flight, see you later”. LOL. We all laughed. ( thank god!) Damn this is fun. Privately jealous.

Replying to some of my favorite commenters, I have flown over 500 times. Eddie and I calculated by using years of involvement in business, rounding it off to 1 a month. > 750 times since the mid 80’s. that’s to and from. so you can cut that in half if you are being technical. Which Eddie and I are data freaks. Put “days away” into these calculations…. augh.

Oh BTW, today the steak dinner was over cooked and the twice baked potatoes with the twirly application were dry. The wine was as always…..nice. Ipod on again, I relate to every song I choose. I have to stop this as I get emotional. 45 Movies at my perusal and I choose none. I pay $215.00 a month (or should I say get screwed) for verizon Fios. and when I rarely watch TV, it’s all network. The governnment decided without asking us if we wanted to pay for TV. Again I digress.. Cutting down the wine this trip. Gotta behave. Hit the scale at 160 this morning – Holy Cow! don’t laugh. I’ve been 140 since high school. My doctor ( a friend) says dude, what you doing?              Elton John – Levon. what’s that song about anyway. But I still love it. I have this plan. Make bocous cash, then retire with a sweetie south. Yeah baby. really . Ok I’ve had a few wines again. But as a woman who I adorED said drunk while she left me a voicemail “where are you?” one night while under duress, ” It’s always the truth when people drink and talk”. She is so history (Jeannie) my snoopy.

So………. My daughter is an excellent singer. No dad’s pride here . she is truly talented. I’m told by Billy Joel’s band. (yeah you read my blogs right?) she just came on my ipod. singing Carrie Underwood’s “before he cheats”. You can’t tell the difference. Fame… LOL Later…. Somewhere over the atlantic… Billy Joel – “My life” God, I never related to that so as now. he’s a genious. Then Lucious Jackson – Naked eye. Man I am truly a victim of circumstance..

Oh BTW – My latest grand daughter has grown to twice her delivered size. She’s adorable. Still cries when grandpa holds her. Ah kids… But I adore her. I’m babbling right now. Don’t judge me. Overwhelmed in life right now. Thanks to those who still read.


Thanks for reading! See you soon!



  1. So much traveling! I’d imagine it loses its luster after a while. I’m not sure I could travel as much as you do. I’m a real homebody at heart.

    I know what you mean about relating to songs. I’ve always listened carefully to the words and imagined the story behind the song. It’s hard not to find ones that hit home.

  2. I used to fly ALL the time and now, try and avoid it. Anxiety, with how things have changed in flying. Anxiety with my guy flying to gigs. Ugh. i love that you have your daughter on your ipod!

  3. Wow, you just made my head spin. One…you travel to much….Two….Grandpas are a little scary to little girls. Think about it – your tall and you have hair on your face, it used to upset my dad when the granddaughters would cry when he went near them…now they simple adore him. And honey, we all of victims of circumstance XXXOOOO

  4. I read your post and the only thing that stuck to me was “and the wine was as always…nice.”

    You know where my head was at….

  5. Holy. You sure have flown/traveled a lot! Im glad your latest grand daughter is doing so well!

  6. You’re such a sweetheart; I loved that you brought your wry sense of humor to my blog today; so funny 🙂 Love your tipsy blogging (there’s a name for that, but I can’t remember it right now!!)

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