Rubber bands and Powder

July 30, 2009

Last we left our hero, he was at a bar in San Juan waiting for his flight…

Let’s pick up from there shall we?

I boarded the plane. Seat 4B yes, 1st class.  A pleasant flight home.  Some fish dish and a glass of wine. Then a nap.  I woke up to the sound of the flight attendant telling me we arrived in Newark. I gathered my things and got ready to “deplane”.   I did so when the aisle was clear and off I was to my car. 

I park in the local lot at the airport when the trip is short (3 days).   Walk up the 3 flights to the parking garage. (there are escalators, but It’s good exercise)   Walked over to my car. Placed my bag on the ground to get my keys out and it happened…  They were gone.  I put my garment bag down and rifled through it and found nothing. I then emptied the contents completely all over the adjacent parking space.   Nothing.  I searched the car…nothing. Saerched everything again….   nothing. 

I had to call and get a ride home.  OH!,  Did I mention that I lost one of the two sets of keys about 5 years ago?  The next morning I went to a dealer and had a dummy key made so I could unlock the steering column, and put the car in neutral so it could be towed. 

Sprung her yesterday afternoon.  $949.00.  Ok wait a minute.  I had the oil changed,  new serpentine belt (fan belt), and a bad directional signal.  But the keys were $35 bucks each, the FOBS (remotes) were $66 bucks each. Programming for these were $125.00 eash along with reprogramming the car. 

Note to self.  Keep 3 sets of keys for your car.  Keep a set on you at all times You can guess what the rubber bands and powder are for.

Horses aren’t looking like a bad idea lately…


  1. I read this and immediately searched for my own car keys. Thank God I usually find them on the bottom of my purse, “next to the basketball,” as my husband always says. Personally, I am thankful for purses because if you dump it out, you can usually find what you’re looking for.
    Well, this turned out to be an expensive trip for you. And after reading this, I will not be getting that third set of car keys. Remember when getting a copy of a key would cost mere cents instead of hundreds of dollars. Ah, progress.
    BTW, if horses were the mode of transportation, I’d be in great shape. I’m terrified of them, so I’d be walking . . . a lot.

  2. Aren’t you worried about were you lost them?

  3. I locked a set of keys in the car ONCE. And I’m apparently obsessive enough to check my purse at least twice, making sure I SEE the keys in there before I allow myself to get out of the car, hit the lock and shut the door. Now as far as just losing them, that’s another story. Hasn’t happened to me yet.

  4. Lesson one, how to screw up a vacation. Lose keys…

  5. LOl, at least it’s only the keys that’s lost, not you!

  6. I’m so obsessive about my keys that I keep my normal set in my pocketbook and an extra set in the small zipper in my purse along with a 2nd house key. I have an extra set of keys to the car at my house.

    i give my mom and sister an extra house key of mine…that way if I ever need help wit my car they can go to my house and get the extra keys!! LOL!

    I read your newest post and saw that you are now being extra careful with your keys! LOL

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