Conditionally Satisfactory

July 21, 2009

Ah, this blogs namesake.  

Guess thats how I am today.  Thats good.

Terri Terri’s Friday posts are usually “Life is Good”. A statement I use a lot.   I have the apparel.

A crazy week and yet its only Tuesday.  Very stressfull.

I took part in a program that gets your vitals for you. We get a discount on our Healthcare deductions if we participate.  So I did. I was pretty good overall.  BP was a tad high. But I was having a conversation about healthcare in line and that probably did it. But My Sugar was elevated.  What???

My family has a few diabetics in it.  I’m a thin- somewhat fit man. EARLY fifties.    Why would I have this!!!! My brain went nuts to think I could have this problem.  I went crazy for over 2 days trying to figure out what would make this come on.  Then it came to me….

As I was munching on a starburst candy, scratching my head thinking what the hell is it?  Swallowing the cherry treat, I then opened my all time favorite flavor Orange…    Thinking … well maybe I should cut out beer.   >EH<  (buzzer sound)  Besides I’m not THAT bad.   The orange starburst was awesome, I fumbled through the jar I have on my desk…  Placing the wrappers in a neat pile….   what is  it……


It hit me.  I eat these damned things like….candy!!  I have bags to refill my jar…..  It’s my 2:00-500pm snack!!!   I must easily eat 200 a week.  $#IT!!

So I’m on self imposed detox. Beer and Starbursts.  I’ll continue the hold on Starbursts (part of the investigation) for a while . 

 I fly 1st Class to PR tomorrow so I can’t go on and NOT have a cocktail on the plane.. I mean, whats 1st class for?  OK the cozy seat, leg room, an outlet for my laptop, a better meal…

Well I’ll continue to experiment and see what the heck it is (proove I eat too many Starbursts).

My assistant at work here hid my stash of the fruity candies…    Left me two. (2).  An orange and a strawberry….  I’m looking at them now….


  Thanks for reading!   I’ll see YOU soon!



  1. 200 Starbursts a week? And your sugar is elevated? Go figure! 🙂

  2. That’s a tough one to figure out and why would you even consider putting down the beer.

  3. How in the world do you stay a “thin, somewhat fit man” on 200 Starbursts a week? I’d love to know your secret. 🙂 I’m sure your sugar will come down when you cut those out and you won’t have to worry about diabetes. Getting older sucks, doesn’t it? I bet both of us could eat 200 pieces of candy 25 years ago and not have to worry about elevated sugar.

  4. First class to PR? How cool is that? I know what your going through. I’m at that age (close to you) where I have to think about anything I put in my mouth. Sucks…

  5. lol on the post. u made fun of the health issue. Shoud be careful though. My mom’s diabetic, a complication from her high BP.

    Take care!

  6. MMMMMMMMM…candy! My favorite are the strawberry 🙂

  7. LOL I’m obsessed with Starburts too. Now I know why we’re such good friends. I was on a kick for a while and would eat a whole bag in a couple days…then I went to the dentist 2 weeks ago and I had 2 cavities. TWO CAVITIES!! I hadn’t had a cavity in a couple years since I started going to the dentist every 3 months. I knew right away it was the Starbursts! So you’re sugar is high and I’m getting cavities… damn starbursts!

  8. in highschool, I would take my spare change and every day buy and eat a package of starbursts from the school store. i still love them.

  9. I went through a “Laffy Taffy” period; couldn’t resist them and would buy them in the jumbo container from Sam’s. I have given those up, but just can’t give up the beer……. 😉

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