Flime Ties When your favin Hun

June 25, 2009

What?  Yes it looks like Oscar’s Tavern.  You know.. Every time I type the words Oscar’s Tavern, I have to back up and capitalize Tavern. Just did it again!

A Happy Blogoversary (as Weaselmomma coins it) to the gang at Oscars!   Coincidentally it’s World of Weasels(had to back up and capitalized Weasels) Blogoversary – So I feel privileged to share the date with her!  Her’s is a lot more fancy and has a bigger fan base, but hey.  Good for her!

Busy day for me.  Work is crazy. A good thing.  So I’m gonna do what some do on Thursdays….



 Found this at the “Pier” in St. Petersburg, Florida.


This was at the base of her.  LOL

Cheap date!


Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon!



  1. I’ve been looking for a mermaid statue! And at just under a grand, I think she’s a steal of a deal!

  2. I’m so quirky, I would actually consider buying that !

  3. What a deal! I want to plop the mermaid right in the middle of my front lawn and drive my neighbors with their manicured lawns absolutely insane. They have no sense of humor and too many chemicals on their lawns.

  4. Well, she’s definitely one-of-a-kind….

  5. Terri – YEs, and its well crafted… LOL

    Girl – really – I’m tempted…

    Suprisedmom Put it next to your flamingo’s

    4444 – This is true!

  6. My five-year-old, who is contemplating having a mermaid-themed birthday party, LOVES the statue! Now she will not rest until the statue is part of the birthday celebration… thanks! 🙂

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