Sun Sun Sun, here it comes….

June 20, 2009

Hi.   Man I have been so busy the past three weeks!   It started with being in Puerto Rico on business for a week. Not that being there is bad. But it IS work. Then when I returned, my friends from Colorado visited for a few days. We went all over the place. He is an old friend I met in the 4th grade. We still are friends all these (many) years now. We played guitars and sang Beatle tunes one evening. Realizing how rusty I am with the old Stratocaster.  Then it was off to Florida for 10 days.  So I have to apologize for not posting.  It has been busy but fun.

I stayed with my daughter and her family. I always enjoy spending time with them. They had me all over the place down there. All beautiful, plus no rain at all.0619091053 (2)


Played some golf finally after a years hiatus.  Found out my short game is still good. My long game..  let’s say I played from the ladies tees.  Yes, after I flubbed my opening drives. But there’s hope, I did hit a great opening drive with a 5 iron that crossed a pond. Thank god because I was using my special Snoopy ball I found on the first hole!  Hmmmm, go figure. It became my good luck ball.



I love the Gulf Coast of Florida.  I have been to Aruba a few times and found the water at the beach in the West Coast of Florida just as nice. Really.  Warm, light waves, clear as a bell.   (A lot less expensive) Hey – Aruba still is my favorite island.

Being spoiled in the Sunshine State for 8 days, coming back to New Jersey has been a let down.  Rain all the time I was away, and still raining. You just get used to nice weather.  Boo.   My pool is overflowing.  I wanted to plant some things I’ve not gotten to in 3 weeks and still can’t.  So here’s to the post vacation blues.    >PPPPPPtttttttttt!<








A couple shots I took in St. Petersburg….     MMMMmmmmmmmmmm.

Still Unpacking.

Thanks for Reading – I’ll see you soon!



  1. Sounds like a fantastic time in Florida. I sympathize with having to come home to rain and return to work and all the everyday humdrum. Knowing you though, you’ll be back off to Florida in a few weeks! 😉

  2. Love the warm waters of the south. Never been to Aruba, but have spent some time in the USVI’s and in St. Martten. Glad you had a great vacation, and welcome back…

  3. Terri – You never know! Come along?
    Mike – Thanks – You come too! LOL

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