The John Davoka School of Speech

May 11, 2009

How many people do you know that mispronounce or totally blow up words in normal speech.

I have a relative I love dearly who calls John Travolta ” John Davoka”

He drives his “Tye O Tah”

Takes the Scenict route.

His son when singing Tom Petty’s “Running Down a Dream” Sang:

Running Down a dream – Whatever you discover is me. Working on a mystery , goin to the alamo tree..

These folk aren’t using “slang” or “bad grammar”.  It’s just what they think it is.  Or they’re “DEEF”!

Tomato Tomoto…


Now I ain’t no grammar expert but all of this just “hipmatises me”

Ya gotta laugh. 

So when My daughter and I hear someone botch up a word or sentence, We just say “There’s another fine graduate of the John Davoka School of Speech”.

Silly things make life fun.

Thanks for Reading!  I’ll see you soon!



  1. LOL! This cracks me up. I worked with a wonderful, sweet woman a few years back. We got along fabulously. She could NOT pronounce the word “probably.” She always said “parbly.” And Freschetta frozen pizzas were “Francesca Pizzas.”

    My kids and I often say the word “parbly” to each other and still crack up.

  2. I never get to hear the end of it when I mispronounce a word. My wife is an English teacher and teases me constantly about my grammer. Damn….

  3. And laugh (out loud) I did! My college professor (a doctor, no less) used to say “excetera.” Drives me nuts. I did have a victory recently, though, with a student who said “fustrating.” I said, “you mean ‘frustrating,’ right?” Huh? He had no clue and had never made the connection to “frustration.” He was embarrassed at first, but now he says “frustrating,” with great emphasis and a smile.

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