Things We Do for Our Children

April 28, 2009

Today I read one of my favorite blogs the “World of Weasels”.  It’s post spoke of Mr. Weasel and Weaselmomma and the trauma of buying swimsuits for thier teen and as she calls her “Tween”.   A funny read.  Read it. Here is some music to listen to while you read it.  Start the music –  MUSIC    then visit World of Weasels.

Ok tone is all set. The read reminded me of this story…..

 I’m guessing 6 or 7 years ago when the song you heard was popular. My youngest daughter enjoyed the song and had the CD.  It was a warm Summer day. She had about 5 friends over to sit in the sun and swim in the pool.  They had the music playing through the deck speakers and were dancing on the deck. I was inside staying cool. Don’t remember what I was doing, but was letting the girls have a fun time.



If we do a dance routine, will you video it for us?


Later on she came in with her friends and went upstairs to her room. I could hear the music playing up there now. The floor thumping to the feet of each girl.  It then stopped and a parade of footsteps came down the stairs and six 14-16 year old teen girls came in with our video camera, the tri-pod, dressed in bikini’s and assorted make-up and jewelry.

We’re ready!

(gulp)  ok practice a bit then call me.

They did.


Out I go. Standing in 2 rows of 3 are the young ladies prepared to dance.

What do you want me to video?

All of us dancing – go to each a bit and stuff like a video.

Um, Ok.

The music starts I get behind the camera and get this uncomfortable feeling…  The girls begin to perform a very well choreographed routine full of shakes, twists, grinds and gyrations that reminded me of a strip show. Oh my God!  I’m panning the girls waist up and zooming in on thier faces, backing up quickly and concentrating mainly on the group dancing. I’m thinking to myself…” If anyone see’s me out here videotaping young teens gyrating in my backyard, there will be some chatter in the neighborhood…

“what is he doing out there? Thats sick!”

A proud dad I always am, this was the first time I couldn’t wait for my daughter to stop dancing.

The short song which seemed to last an hour finally ended. I said, “OK um, Nice!” And quickly went back into the house and had a beer.

They came inside and I could hear them watching it in her room.  Down they came!

Hey watch! We edited it!    Again I watched this…  Ok thats nice.

Let’s do another!    

Um, you’ll have to get someone else to tape you because I need to …..go to Home Depot ..yeah. I need some… paint.

Later that week our picnic table had a nice clean coat of paint on it, I was praised for not having to be asked.


Thanks for Reading!  I’ll see you soon!




This made me think of a story I thought I’d share.



  1. Awww… you’re a sweet dad! I know someone who would’ve gotten pretty worked up about a situation like that and might have made a scene, embarassing his daughter. You handled it well.

  2. HA HA HA… really funny, LOL. The joys and pains of fatherhood *shaking my head*

  3. Aw. you’re a good daddy!

  4. As a dad of three teenage daughters, I feel your pain. Nothing like getting put into a difficult situation, and the kids don’t even realize it.

    I usually tell them to find a friend to do it, and off to Home Depot I go as well…

  5. Classsic, pure classical. Oh God, you poor man. (as she laughs a little on the inside)

  6. Totally awkward, wow! You’re a good sport 🙂

  7. Home Depot sounds like the perfect solution! Funny story.

  8. HAHAHAHA!!! I can just picture the whole scene. That’s hilarious. The teenaged girls doing their thing. You sweating behind the camera, trying to hide your face from any passers-by. Quality.

  9. I feel your pain. Thanks for the shout out. Great little blog you have going on here.

  10. Weaselmomma – Thanks!
    Mike – thanks for stoppin by!
    Meleah – As always!
    Terri – We parbly should get some pisketty’s with that pizza!

  11. OMG! I had to take my glasses off and wipe the tears away I was laughing so hard. You DID handle that well!

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