A Taste of Summer

April 27, 2009

Well it has been very warm these past few days.  I Love it.  They say it will return to “regular spring temperatures” tomorrow. Pooh!

This weekend was busy. I “Opened” the yard.  That includes re-doing the flower boxes, draining the pool cover, weeding the flower beds and other stuff like that.  A perfect weekend for that.  It was very sunny. I had to keep my ball cap on to protect the ol’ dome.  As always, my neighbor and I discuss what we will do this year as far as projects. He is putting up a fence to keep the deer out of his back yard.  I live in a suburban town in New Jersey. I’m about 20 miles from New York City.  For many years the only animals we had in our neighborhood were, rabbits, chipmunks, skunks, squirells, and an occasional possom. because of the development in the nearby hills we now we have a new population.  Wild turkey, fox and deer.  For many years we had quite the botanical garden in the front yard.  The past few years we noticed the flowers didn’t do as well, chalking it up to pollution, or weather.  Then we noticed a few deer in my neighbors front yard.  That was the answer.  This is why we’ve moved to flower boxes and gardens in the back yard.  This year I will just do bushes and ground cover in the front. Plant Marigolds. They say the deer don’t like them.  I’ll put a few hanging flower baskets on the front porch for color.

Being close to New York, I am a New York Yankees fan.  They’ve built this new stadium and its supposed to be real nice. Problem is good seats are now very expensive.  I guess that’s happening at a lot of venues lately. The real fans get priced out.  I watched them lose on my TV last night.  LOL


Thanks for reading!   I’ll see you soon!



  1. We so got priced out when the Phillies got their new stadium. We were supposed to get comparative seat for the money we paid as season ticket holders. Comparative seats my ass. I went from being 1st level out of the sun and undercover, to 3rd level baking in the sun. It sucked so bad, I gave up my seats 😦 – I didn’t know you had a pool ! When’s the BBQ – I’ll bring some girlfriends !

  2. Hmmm… wonder what’s going to happen when the Twins’ new stadium is complete. Same pricing game, I guess.

    My gardens have suffered for years due to an overpopulation of rabbits. Sprinkling mothballs in your gardens keeps the wildlife out, but it also makes everything stinky.

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