Random Brain Droppings #63

April 20, 2009

I originally wrote “Drippings” but read the content and decided “droppings” was a better fit.

#63 – Nothing in particular. Thought of “Rainy day Women” 12 & 35.

It was a nice weekend here in New Jersey. I actually wore shorts on Saturday.  A bit cooler on Sunday, but tee shirt weather for sure.  This morning was the opposite, overcast and cold.  What a crazy see-saw Spring is in New Jersey.  I truly miss the warmer climate of Florida. It’s more my kind of place. I can deal with heat. Cold I hate.   I go into a daydream…..”Ah bowa-kowa -possa possa….” (speaking of songs with numbers)



Thats me at the Beach house resturant in Bradenton Beach.

It was nice sitting by the ocean having dinner. It became a celebration as my oldest daughter got her degree in psychology that day.  Now she can put it to good use on her dad!    Along the coast its a lot cooler, ok its only 85, but there’s a breeze.  We had drinks and dinner during sunset, which on the Gulf side of Florida is real nice.  The idea of being a “snowbird” is really looking like a good idea in a few years. No, I’m not THAT old, (52) but if I can do it, why not.

But then there’s the Outer Banks of North Carolina.     Hmmmm. I’ll want that after I go there in August.

Yes.. the dream continues… “Spill the wine, take that Pearl…..”  Yes, I’m in my 2010 GT500 Mustang convertible. Track pack, 19″ wheels, full nav system, stereo, “Kona blue” There’s blue again. I built one on line – about $42k. 

Driving along the coast. A certain woman is my co-pilot. We have matching hats. The top is down…(no the convertable silly, that comes later) the breeze blows through my full mane of hair (hey this is a dream remember!) Ok, the hat keeps the sun off my head.  Keeps her blond hair in place. In the back seat is a coller and tote with lunch and drinks. We’re off to a certain beach. fishing pole in the trunk just in case I see a boil.

Huh… damn – it’s 1:00.  Back to work.

Have a great day – Thanks for reading – I’ll see you soon!



  1. Sounds heavenly. Why are you blacked out in all your pics. Do you have a big wart on your nose or something?

  2. Dreams are good. If you don’t have dreams, you don’t have much.

  3. Stop – you’ve seen me Robin! LOL

  4. I’ve seen the back of you Dear !!!! Not the same.

  5. Oh no, I’m lying…I have seen you. OOPPS !

  6. Thats right! LOL

  7. One must earn a viewing of the Oscar…

  8. I read your post and all I could think of was… It’s 5:00 somewhere.

    I love your dreams. Many of them are mine as well. Caribbean beaches with warm breezes. Awww…

  9. Well, congrats to your daughter! And, to you Oscar, I hope all your dreams come true!

  10. this weather is totally crazy. It feels more like August than April. I do hope all of your dreams come true.

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