Umlaut and Faith

April 6, 2009
Umlaut – No its not the new Volkswagon.  its  Ä. Those two dots over a letter. I was talking to someone not too long ago and I mentioned spelling a word, then mentioned the thing over the letter. She said that’s the umlaut.  Umlaut.  When she said it, it was like Gomez Addams reacting to Morticia speaking French!  “Tish You spoke french!” >kiss< >kiss< >kiss<

um⋅laut[oom-lout] –noun

1. a mark (¨) used as a diacritic over a vowel, as ä, ö, ü, to indicate a vowel sound different from that of the letter without the diacritic, esp. as so used in German.
2. Also called vowel mutation (in Germanic languages) assimilation in which a vowel is influenced by a following vowel or semivowel.
–verb (used with object)
3. to modify by umlaut.
4. to write an umlaut over.
It just sounded funny to say.
Hey baby, lets’ say we “Umlaut”.  (Oh, ok, well then maybe we can “uum” a little)
Its just a silly thing we shared.
Silly things.  They are fun. Sure fire fuel for a relationship. I have someone who I share many silly things with. And we laugh like hell.  Those of you who know me personally will certainly attest to that.
————-<   *   >————–
Ok a strange thing – or interesting thing depending on which side of the coin you are on.
The other day I was driving to work.  About 3 miles from my building my truck started running poorly, my tach gage went to zero and I said to myself. “God help me at least get to the work parking lot..”  Slowly but surely I got there.  Went into  work and forgot about it.
Coming out of work at 5:00 I was walking towards my truck and remembered. “Oh damn, I have problems with the truck”…    Walked over climbed in, turned the key and it was perfect. Hmm that’s odd. But hey, I’m not complaining.  I started driving home. about 3 miles from work I began to experience problems. The truck ran awful, the radio was cutting out, I was losing accesories as I drove.  “Oh god please get me home safe”.
Six miles from home it said no.  I was in the slow land of a busy highway when the engine shut down. Power steering went aand I coasted about 2 inches.  I tried to start it and had no success.  So I put it in Neutral, opened the door, jumped out and pushed the truck a whopping .05 miles per hour towards a parking lot entrance.  I went about 20 feet when I saw a car pass around me, and pull into the lot. Two gentlemen ran out and instructed me to get in the truck and steer. They pushed me into the lot.  I thanked them for the help and offered them $20 bucks for thier assistance. They declined saying “I’ve been there, i understand”.  But I insisted they buy themselves a drink or something as a reward and they took it.  I wayched them pull away and behind me I heard a diesel engine. A flatbed truck with a petite woman peeking out from the passenger truckwindow said, “You need help?”  Well I surely did.  I answered, ” Well, yes. I need to get my truck to my mechanic.”  Next thing you know it’s being pulled onto the flatbed and I’m calling my mechanic who just had a cancellation.  I negotiated a $50.00 deal and the three of us are on our way to my town.  Very friendly people from Pennsylvania on their way to pick up a car in another town. Saw me being pushed and followed through. I called home and had my daughter meet me at the mechanic. We all met at the same time. I thanked the flatbed folks and paid them $65.00 with a tip.  All of this and I was only late 20 minutes getting home.  It was so freaky. It was like someone ws taking care of me the whole time.  Hmmmm. 
And get this!   I’m in Pennsylvania 2 days later and who do we see on the same highway? The flatbed and the guy who helped me.  I waved, and he said, “alternator?”   I confirmed. He waved and passed.  It was very weird, but gave me a good sense of faith in God and people. Something you don’t get these days.
Hey I’m off to Florida to visit my daughter and her family tomorrow so I will be out of touch for 7 days. I’ll try to post, and certainly read yours.  Bear with me!  I’ll think of you all.
Thanks for reading!    I’ll see you soon!


  1. Ah…yes, “a good sense of faith in God and people. something you don’t get these days.” –a very good thing! Glad your experience was positive!

    Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

  2. Certainly interesting…The key point of your experience is that you thought of God first before asking anyone else for help. Some people got it backwards, they asked for God’s help as a last resort.

    Enjoy your visit!

  3. It’s good to know that God is watching out for those of you in Pennsylvania. I kept thinking alternator all the way through your story.

    Glad to know that you have someone to laugh with. Your right, one of the most important things to have in a relationship. My wife cracks me up all the time. Sometimes intentionally….

  4. It definitely seems like you were being watched over. Good things happen to good people, huh?

    Hope you have a GREAT time in Florida. Catch some rays for me?

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