Ahoy Matey! oh.

March 30, 2009

Part of my regular chores is laundry. Having done my own laundry for a few years now, I have my ways of doing it. 

Jeans load.

Home clothes. ( tee’s, shirts, boxers, undies, socks etc.)

Dress slacks and shirts

Whites – Bleach load.


Bed room stuff – blankets can go with towels. Sheets with home clothes if there’s room.

I used to hate when people would mix towels with cottons.  Extends the length of time to dry.  I have my process, leave me alone. You aren’t doing it so go away.

I did a favor for my youngest daughter.  She had asked me if I could run a load of laundry for her. I said sure. She said just throw it all in at once don’t go crazy. Well I applied my process.

Jeans load – 1 pair.  low cut – did I say low cut?

Home clothes – Tons of Tee’s – lots of blouses, boxers…yes – undies – socks – those stocking foot things – bra’s and these colorful eye patches.

Dress Slacks and shirts – what?

Whites – Other undies and eye patches, real bra’s.Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong

Towels – No they’re still on her bathroom floor.

Bed room stuff – No , thats bi-yearly.

And of course the jerk I am, I folded all of this neatly on her bed. A little awkward folding the eye patches.  The picture to the right is generous in fabric. This is a PG site. I was tempted to take one and put it over my eye and send it to her by picture message. But thought better – It’d be on her facebook in 20 seconds. 

I’m buying a new washer and dryer set and putting it in a larger closet I’m modifying to have clothes on the same level.  My laundry room is in the basement currently.  Looking at those electrolux washers and dryers. This way I can have Kelly Ripa do my laundry.  Got any suggestions for front loading stackable systems?

Warming up here in New Jersey – Not quite where I want it yet but its better. A whole lot cooler than PR where i was last week. Heading to Florida for Easter week. So I will have warm and hopefully bring it back.

I recieved my print from Sue Henry – It’s great!  As soon as I can I will set it up and show all of you! – Thanks Again Sue!

Thanks for Reading – I’ll see you soon!


  1. I’m picturing you wearing such a colorful eyepatch! Haha. Haha. Haha.

    But it was nice of you to do all that for her.

  2. I love fresh laundered clothes

  3. I can’t even imagine having my Dad do my laundry! I’m laughing just trying to image his face if I asked him. Good for you!

  4. Awww…You’re such a sweet daddy 🙂 Checked out Sue’s page; she’s certainly got a gift!

  5. I’ve always wanted one of those Electrolux washer/dryer sets like Kelly Rippa advertises! Let us know if they are as cool as the commercials make them look.

    What a great dad you must be — do daughter’s laundry and can still smile about the “colorful eyepatches.” LOL

  6. I love that you sort your laundry by clothing type. Isn’t it supposed to be by color? LOL! Just giving you a hard time, of course. Any man who can successfully manage laudry impresses me.

  7. Your a good Dad…..The Asshole gets all red when I wash and fold the eye patches and he gets sight of them. LOL

  8. Welcome to my world. With three teenage girls and a wife, I’ve seen every kind of underwear there is. I don’t even blush anymore….

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