Corned Beef and Butterflies

March 18, 2009

A woman told me recently that I “Give her Butterflies”.  My response was, “Was it a Monarch?” 

I can’t think of any other butterflies.  Years ago when I was a wee lad, (Still in St. Patty’s mode) I helped my older brother with his entemology case. (sp)  A glass showcase with bugs in it.  One of his prize displays was a perfect Monarch Butterfly.  Usually seen like this one, sometimes yellow.  But in this moment of mushy exchange, I began thinking, “What other Butterflies are there?”  I couldn’t think of any. Hmmm. Lemme google butterflies. Hold on for a second.

Musical Interlude – >Click here<

Oh – Ok, theres a Blue Butterfly. This particular one was in St. Thomas. I say we all go and research!

Well anyway, I guess there aren’t that many different butterflies?  I don’t know, just never thought about it.  I’ll tell you about the sweet talk some other day.

Well St. Patrick’s Day was interesting!  The traditional Corned beef and cabbage dinner was great! The fresh Irish Soda bread was delicious, almost like cake, I ate so much. And as always I had a few too many beers. (the strikeout idea is borrowed stolen from Weaselmomma)  The same question comes up every year. “Why don’t we have this more often?”  We say we will and don’t.  LOL  Like turkey…

I felt a little bluesy later in the evening. I must have been a nice teal, given the green and blues.  Perhaps it was the beer.  Thought a lot about a dear friend.  (yes, the butterfly girl)

Yesterday at Oscars’s there was a commenter DavisW that told a story about St. Patrick. It was interesting and funny. Check it out!

Wrote some more words. Will share next time. 

Thanks for Stopping by and readinng!   I’ll see you soon!


(Pssst   snoopys nose is a bit.. swollen?)



  1. Count me in for the St. Thomas Butterfly research project.

    Call me crazy, but I have never had corned beef and cabbage, or Irish soda bread. The older I get, the more I realize how extremely limited my eating habits are.

  2. I’ve never had corned beef and cabbage, but it does sound good! I wonder if it’s something that’s good no matter who makes it, or if you have to do it “right.” Butterflies are my mom’s favorite creature; the yellower, the better! 🙂 You’re very reflective in this post…sweet.

  3. P.S. You’re right; that WAS funny 🙂

  4. I love corned beef less the cabbage

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