“Air” Passion

March 9, 2009

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends…  Remember that Emerson Lake and Palmer song? Karn Evil 9.  Part 1, or 2.  That was popular when I was in high school. I remember playing “air guitar” to it at a party once. I was voted most nuts.  Fact is I’m actually doing a half decent job playing it because I really play. I use my hands the way it would be played. I also rocked the house out in college playing air guitar to “Bohemian Rhapsody“. Again, I knew the song.

Now put me on Guitar Hero and I stink. because I’m trying to play it for real.

I guess that goes for a lot of stuff.  Practice makes perfect. Mrs 4444 had a post the other day called “Sex Ed” .  A post I’m guessing about a conversation with her daughter.  (ya have to read it, I’m too lazy to type it)

I commented something in the idea that Things (sex) are learned through trial and error. And how this is easily overshadowed by passion in the beginning. So while you are learning how to use your ..skills,  passion fills in the gaps and blunders. Exploration of new terrain breeds interest…   Life is Good.

That would answer the young ladies question.

 Now to hold that interest is another story. Something she’ll have to learn too.  Maybe where I’m going with this is focus. I’ve been using that word a lot lately. 

At pre-cana classes >30 years ago I was told that I was to focus on my relationship with my spouse first. Children second.  Oh yes the kids need your attention and focus, but to keep your “passion” alive, you have to learn about each other deeply.  Build that “one-ness” everyone talks about but never knows.  Oh it starts there, but interests can slowly take your focus away from each other. Your dilligence in the workplace can make your job seem like priority. Especially now, when people are jockeying for position at work, not to be reduced.  We have so many distractions these days.  I read a few blogs written by victims of divorce or break-up.  And I feel for them knowing this arena.  Mike from “Unraveling Life’s Mysteries” wrote an interesting post in this regard.  Very powerful statements. Good for you Mike.

To Winterize, ( its not Summer 🙂  ) You have to keep your focus on your partner. Let the other things in life fall second.  Unless you’ve never had focus at all….

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WHAT?   Yeah, thats how I’m leaving you. maybe more later… Think about it.

Now another of my favorite songs to do Air guitar is “heartbreaker”, Being a big Led Zeppelin fan back then I ……….

Oh By the way – Our sister blog Oscars Tavern was blogged By Terri.  Click on her to see!


Thanks for Reading!     I’ll see you soon!


*  The ending frame for all Law and Order episodes. Which by the way, I googled “Dick Wolf”  images to put on the bottom here and was horrified at what I saw!   LOL



  1. Focus in a relationship does seem a rarity, doesn’t it? There should be classes on this, LOL! Not just “this is what you need to do” but “here’s how you do it.”

    Thanks for the linky!

  2. Oh… and you KNOW I have to google Dick Wolf now, don’t you?

  3. Ahhh pre-cana classes are crap, it’s one of the reasons I got married on an Island…..And I Rock on Guitar Hero !!! Welcome back !

  4. Thanks for putting the word out about relationships and continuing the discussions.

    Love the rock song interludes. You and I must have grown up in the same era…

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