Simple Life

February 20, 2009

Scene: Corner desk in a large room, a man sits with one leg up on an ottoman, and the other under a desk.  Crouching non-ergonomically at a pc.   The sun paints series of lines across his keyboard as it shines through a shuttered window…

HI!  How are you?  Yeah. Resting a bum knee.  Should be icing it but I can’t sit still all day. I can’t just lay around.  Its me.

Was inspired today by one of my favorite blogs TerriTerri.  She speaks of a day in her childhood and it displayed such happiness and simplicity.

It really was much simpler then . I have 10 years on her but the world then was so much simpler. Lets look at one aspect.  Money.

Then from what I remember mom and dad had to pay:

1. Mortgage   –  Just One 20 year fixed.

2. Electric –  The lights and the appliances.

3. Gas – we had gas heat , hot water and stove.

4. Taxes – included in mortgage  (no sales tax)

5. Water – Cleanliness is next to godliness

6. Insurance – Home, life and car

7. Food, clothing, family needs.

8. Telephone

9. Placeholder in case I forgot anything.

Today – Thier son pays

1. Mortgage   –  One, plus the home equity – College costs for the kids

2. Electric –  The lights and the appliances.   And all the electronics. Our meter spins so fast the local butcher comes and sharpens his knives on it.

3. Gas – we have gas heat, hot water and stove.  On budget plan

4. Taxes – included in mortgage.   >$1000.00 a month plus I never used the public schools.

5. Water – Cleanliness is next to godliness. and pools evaporate. Oh, and bottled water delivery.

6. Insurance – Home, life and car + mortgage insurance, 3 cars.  Additional healthcare.

7. Food, clothing, family needs.   Xboxes are necessary staples.

8. Internet. >$50.00

9. Fios TV (or cable)  >$100.00 (actually land phone too ! All for just 99 bucks a month!   Actual = $168.00/month includes web access. Fios is great but it COSTS. Don’t let them fool ya.

10. Trash removal (not in my taxes)

11. Student Loans – only about $25,000 left!  LOL

12. Cell phones – What ..  EVERYONE needs one!  > $75.00/m

13. Satellite Radio – XM in 2 cars

14. Gym – $150,00/m

15. Car Lease payment.

16. PC  updates – Got to have one or 4.

17. Oh. ….Legal fees.

18. Placeholder – I know I forgot something.

And you know there’s more.  Our money is taxed 3 or 4 times a year.  We lost claiming credit card interest… 

AUGH!!!!    Let me go back and read about the fun on the swingset!

I need a drink.  Think I’ll head over to Oscars.

Thanks for Reading!     I’ll see you soon!



  1. Hope your knee’s better.

    Just think of what your kids are going to pay…

    Tell Oscar I said, “Hi!”

  2. Your cell phone costs seem awfully low. I think mine are over $150/mth! Yes, we have a lot more “necessities” these days don’t we? Mine include the chiropractor, $30 per visit…

  3. Yikes, I wanna go back in time to the 50s making the salary I make now, I’d be rich ! As of now, I’m so poor, I can’t even afford to pay attention. I paid over $5K in property taxes this year. Yeah, I think I need to head over to Oscar’s for a hard shot and a cold beer. He likes me, maybe he’ll put my drinks on the house.

  4. Sigh. But could we go back to that “simpler life?” Would we really want to? Probably not……….

  5. I agree a simpler life is probably where we need to go. But of course good luck taking away what we have now. Now where did I put that cable remote…

  6. I wish it was 1950’s too. I want one of those 1950’s husbands that says “no woman of mine will work!”

    Hope your knee is better!

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