Cap’n Crunch Never Met JAWS

February 19, 2009

I was talking to someone earlier about food.  I remember eating this as a kid. Just Cap’n Crunch. Probably would gag at the sugar now, but loved it.  Then they make crunchberries, and all the other spinoffs.  Geeze!  They did everything.

Guess thats like most sucesses isn’t it. You ride the tide.  Doesn’t alway work I guess. Look at movies.  Jaws was an exciting movie. I remember being on a date and sitting in the front row. When Roy Scheider was dumping the chum off the back of the boat, and the shark came up out of the water we all jumped!!  It was exciting!

They progressively got worse. And the last one was just awful.

I forget which one it was but the shark “followed” them to the Bahamas.   I just googled it.

JAWS 4.  The revenge!    Here is a hysterical recount by Comedian Richard Jeni.

 >click here<

Have a great day!   Thanks for reading!   See you soon!



  1. Captain Crunch is still fantastic. Of course, I’m a sugared cereal kind of person…

  2. Sequels are never about being a great movie, they’re about money. Think about it. There were very few, if any great sequels. (Maybe the Godfather movies, based on their success, but I never saw any of them.)

    Cap’n Crunch, on the other hand, only improved with its succession. The original was good. Crunch Berries, even better (except now there are more berries than the regular cereal. Where’s the fun in that?) And Peanut Butter Crunch? THE BEST! Of course, I try to be a responsible breakfast eater and usually have oatmeal and some fruit.

  3. I saw Jaws for the very first time at the Pennsauken Drive In. It was very exciting to sit in the van and watch a movie with my Dad. Yes, I’m old, I said drive-in…And I still eat Capt n Cruch. Peanut Butter Crunch is my favorite.

  4. P.S. Don’t forget about the Jaws done in 3D….Yup, I couldn’t have stood to miss that one.

  5. Capn Crunch Berries are my favorite…it’s one spin of I don’t mind at all. I love sweet cereals like that including Cinnamon Toast Crunch. As a matter of fact…I’m going to go make some Crunch Berries right now. Glad I inspired you with my love of the Cap’n!

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