Presidents Mon-Day

February 17, 2009

Well its Presidents Day.    Yup.    It is…    What’d you buy Mr. Obama?  Is this another Hallmark thing?  LOL

 So I’m off today. Got a bunch of things done I’ve put off.  Finally went back to the gym. Haven’t been there in days, ok weeks.  Worked my upper body only today. Saturday I did some work in the crawl space of my great room and my knees gave me hell the past couple days. Sucks getting older.   (Note I didn’t say old) Not really sure why we have Presidents day off. Guess it fell in a spot where a day off would be nice.

Read some silly thoughts about Presidents day here

I don’t always put a title to my post until I finish it. Sometimes it has nothing at all to do with what I write. Just a silly hint to someone in blogland. Today It just came to me.

President’s Mon-day,  tell me just who, would want to, be a president now…   (sung to Elenor Rigby by the Beatles)  Ok I am a song writer too. I have posted some a while ago.

No I’m not drinking.  

Just in a good mood. I sang to someone over the phone today to cheer them up. Not sure I sang to cheer or throw.    (cheer up/throw up(from my singing)). Note proper use of brackets. OK I’m an Engineer.

Oh I just smiled at my son’s boxer, who has alergy problems and she’s coming near me!  AUGH!  I hate snot. Speaking of noses, This was funny.

102_37341We have 3 dogs here. One is mine, 2 are my sons.  These are his. The snotty one is on the right. 


Not much else to say.  Have a Happy Presidents day!  Or whatever.

Thanks for reading – I’ll see you soon!



  1. Hey, I didn’t get Presidents Day off! But that’s ok. I got a good parking spot in the ramp ’cause all the state workers were off today AND I actually enjoyed my day at work!

  2. You sure you weren’t drinking !!!!!

  3. Now you know me……

  4. Yup! “Sucks getting older.” I can relate!

    I’m off to check out your link to “read silly stuff about President’s Day.”

  5. Work for a bank and had the day off. Liked the song…

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