Viva la difference

February 6, 2009

So its Friday – I’m sitting at San Juan Airport plugged into an outlet by the window at Gate 27. My wireless card is crawling, but I’m alive and in touch with the world.  Our Fix.  I don’t know about you but without my technology, I feel lost.  My problem I guess.    I’ve been here since Wednesday for business.  An all day meeting with VP’s and finance folk.  I am trying to sell an idea to one of our plants that will save money. Yes, trying to sell this idea. Fortunately I have a good raport with these folks. I’ve been coming here for over 20 years.

Its funny how you have to demonstrate good. These trying financial times have everyone focusing on whats bad.  This is when you use whats good to overpower the bad.  Like when you move money from a fixed savings account to buy a stable stock when its down. You hope for the rebound and the return.  Thats what I’m doing now. Taking advantage of the bad to make good.  The meetings I had most of yesterday with these VP’s was the culmination of I told you so’s from a year and a half ago. No one listened to me then, but want to know all about it now.  Problem is the Kudos don’t follow. But the good stockholder I am feels better.

Not looking forward to coming home. The cold that is.  Although its supposed to be warmer in New Jersey this weekend.  But, I’m on a plane Monday to spend a week with my kiddies in Tampa all next week. So why complain about the weather. I’m talking in circles.

Basically what I’m getting at.  People don’t get anywhere lately because no one wants to be accountable.  Take a risk.

Oooh a text from my sweetie!

A fun diversion!

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!  See you soon!


  1. UGH, I am so pissed at you for not stuffing me in your suit case and taking me to Puerto Rico !!! Damn you…

  2. Stay warm and have fun in Tampa.

  3. Have a BLAST. *said the jealous girl*

  4. Would love to be there! I could handle some traveling, especially if it involves warmth, sun and sand.

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