Pleasant Things

February 5, 2009

This morning I woke up early so I could get into my office and finish a spreadsheet due for a 9;30am meeting.   There was snow in New Jersey last night. A nice powdery coating snow. About 4 inches where I live which is about 25 miles west from Manhattan, NYC.  I live in a suburban town. Lot’s of nice homes. Lot’s of trees.  This morning was a Winter Wonderland. Not so like you may see up north or in the upper Midwest, but a bustling town coated with a white frosting.  The trees all held onto thier snow. Making white trees, and coated trunks. The sun was out and brought a flourescence to the trees. So I decided to take the scenic route.  A more hilly route through some farmland, or should I say what was farmland. Nonetheless, A nice ride to work. My 16 mle 23 traffic light suburban ride became a 20 mile countryside ride.  And a half hour longer. There went my early departure. My alarm clock wouldn’t have woken me just as I was kissing the pretty blonde….. If I didn’t get up early.  LOL  But it was a nice start to my day.

I guess I just recognize diversions a lot lately.   My mind is looking for the better things in life to compensate for the bad.

Zat good?  I’m saying it is. But then what do I know.

I’m in Puerto Rico on business. I’m in paradise as I love warm. Traveling with a buddy from work. We just had a nice dinner outdoors on a terrace.  Mexican.  LOL  Mexican in San Juan.  They have a great beer here called Medalla.  We had a few each.  Settling in now here at the hotel. Busy day tomorrow so I’ll let you go read your other blogs.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll see you soon.





  1. Such a beautiful description of the snow in your world. I could picture it!

    I’m seriously jealous that you are enjoying a Puerto Rican paradise. Even though it’s business, hope you find time to have some fun.

  2. Enjoy Puerto Rico! Sounds like a nice place for “business.”

  3. Glad SOMEBODY is enjoying some warmth!

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