Pass me a pretzel, Shrek

February 2, 2009

Hi. Guess  we’re done with football for this season.  It was a fun game. I was secretly hoping for the underdog’s but all in all it was good.   The big hype about the commercials. Eh, they’re not as good as they used to be.     Or maybe its me. Oh some made me laugh, but nothing stuck in my head.  But I did enjoy my time without a big party. No mess to clean. I did have someone with me in thought though. You know who you are. And I handed you a pretzel every time I had one.

Yesterday I was driving and Shrek appeared again. Yes. Every time the sun is behind my car, I see Shrek. Look at the picture.


See what I mean? 

It happens with my truck too, but the ears aren’t so pronounced.

When I start hearing him say, “Come own nah donkey!” I’ll start worrying.


I spent some time going through old stuff Saturday. Cleaning out the old fortress. I guess we all have those drawers where we throw things into. So I really did try to get rid of old things I didn’t need anymore. I threw out a Zip drive, and old DVD drive, some old charge cords from cell phones I no longer own. I made progress. But I just couldn’t part with this:


I never thought of myself as a Pack rat, but maybe I am.  I’ll have to find a box and put this …somewhere.  You never know I may need that slide-rule. Will I touch any of this at all this year? Highly unlikely, but I can’t throw it away.

There’s an old tin dish my mother had that became lost in the basement. It was rusty and dirty. I was told to throw it out years ago, but kept it to… put nails in.  Simple triggers of things well make a day.

Thanks for stopping by – I’ll see you soon.



  1. You are a sweetheart. I loved this post and laughed out loud at the Shrek shadow! I especially love that you noticed it; that says a lot about you 🙂

    I’m sorry that you lost your mom at such a young age; I cannot imagine. Are you close to her age now?

  2. Oh good. I am not the only person in the world that saves everything too!

  3. I can’t stop laughing at the Shrek reference OMG that was so freaking funny, my daughter is looking at me like I’m nuts. Seriously, I don’t know why I found it so funny, but I have tear rolling down my eyes !!!!! And HUGS – Your the best !!!!! XXXXOOOO

  4. I seriously had to do a double take on the photo for it to make sense. How funny. Yeah I just wanted a good game, would have liked Arizona to win but oh well.

    I am so not a pack rat. I would have thrown it out or sold it at a garage sale…

  5. Be thankful your pack rat tendencies only take up one drawer. Recently I had a whole attic to sort through. Talk about a challenge! My garage is NEXT….

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