Bowl – ing Thoughts

January 30, 2009

Well this is the weekend for the Super Bowl.   For all of you fans, it’s the big game. Hopefully your favorite team is playing Sunday. Mine isn’t.  LOL  But us Giant fans can’t complain. Not a bad year following the Super Bowl win previously.  I’m in the middle as to who I want to win. Gotta love the Steelers, but the underdog Cardinals (with ex Pittsburg staff) will put up a good fight. So it should be an interesting game at least.

       I usually throw a small party, chips, pretzels, beer, some finger food. Invite family members over to watch the game. But what has happened is it became my food fest. Everyone just came for the food and drank my beer!  Yaking and yaking and not paying ANY attention to the game. Oh, maybe the commercials, or the half time show (yuk).  So I end up having to turn up the TV so loud that its annoying.  So this year I’m not throwing a party. Just myself, a few hot pretzels and a six pack.  Keeping it simple.  What are you doing?

One nice thing about the cold weather (I said nice?) is the crispness of the evening air.  I needed to run out last night to get gas in my car and it was just so peaceful. The air was so fresh. Yes, we DO have fresh air in New Jersey.  🙂   Once in a while.    Its funny how the air can reflect sound. There is a freight train line about 3 miles south of my home. There are nights that it sounds like its coming down my street. The rest of the time I never hear it. Same for the local commuter trains that rumble into the city (NYC).  I can hear them, but sometimes I’d swear it’s gonna run me over.  All about the atmosphere.

Like the quiet atmosphere I’ll be watching the game in.

Enjoy! (if you’re not a fan, maybe there’s a “House” or “Law and Order” marathon. Better yet, get outdoors!)

Have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll see you soon.



  1. I’m not doing jack shit for the Super Bowl. It’s not super when you don’t care who wins. I think I’ll come to your house and have some beer.

  2. I’m teaching swimming lessons for SuperBowl Sunday. I hope the kids don’t come!

    After that, I’ll go home, get warm and prob. read my book.

    I’m pretty exciting, I know.

  3. Hey… if Girl You Don’t Bring Home is coming over, so am I. Looks like you’re having a party after all! 😉

  4. I know what you mean about hearing the sounds sometimes. We hear cars/motorcycles on a nearby highway only on some nights, thankfully 🙂

    I really can’t articulate it yet, but I love the way you write; you can paint a picture, I guess. Enjoyed this post (why don’t you join us for Friday Fragments next week?!)

  5. Game. What game? Hmmmmm…..still no TV in KY. 😦 Power, but not cable.

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