It’s All Good

January 28, 2009

Well its a snowy icy day here on the east coast.  I was late getting started. Had to shovel a path to the driveway so it doesn’t become a sliding board later.  A luxury I have is the ability to work from home when I can. I only had a lunch meeting with a friend scheduled today, so I figured why make him go out in this foul weather. So I moved him to tomorrow, and am working from home.  Most of the time  I write my blogs, and read others during my lunch break. So if you smell microwaved pasta, mind me. Oh and I can have a beer too because there’s no rule here at my “home” office banning it.  🙂  I’ll need to be mindful not to type with my fingers full.

With all this in mind… I forgot what the hell I was going to write.  Isn’t it odd, you think of stuff while you’re driving, or in a meeting, in the shower, or anytime you don’t have a PC available?  Being a songwriter, I get my best ideas around 2 o’clock  in the afternoon. Mostly while at work. So I have to scribble down notes for later. Well the PC has stolen my handwriting. My handwriting is awful. I never write with a pen or pencil.  At work, I’ll type a note on my laptop. If I need it, I’ll print it out.  I had to sign some documents recently and I was in pain by the 5th page!  My pencil is a keyboard. I never took typing lessons. I’ve memorized the keyboard. ( I used to be a programmer so I know all the codes for it too).  My work now has me behind the keyboard, not inside it anymore.

Not much else to say today. Stay warm. or cool if that is your case.

Thanks for reading!

See you soon.



  1. Handwriting is a lost art. I love to write with pencil and pen, but when I have ideas to get down, it frustrates me. My pen can’t keep up with the pace of my thoughts most of the time.

    Enjoy your day at home!

  2. If I didn’t insist that my kids handwrite their thank you cards, I don’t think they would pick up a pencil or pen either.

    The keyboard does become a crutch for us. I need to follow my own advice and start writing notes. Maybe a love note to my wife…

  3. I have managed to hold onto my beautiful catholic school girl handwriting. I wanna have a beer and work from home, how do I get that gig. And yes, I’m still freezing my ass off !!!!!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Any time I need to hand-write something, it’s as if I’ve never done it before 🙂 SO happy to have technology!

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