A Bottle o’ red….

January 27, 2009

A bottle of white… it all depend’s upon your appetite.   I’ll meet you anytime you want, at our Italian restaurant.      I like that Billy Joel song.   I know the sax player who played in that song. 

The Scene:  A corner booth.  Two friends, no, good friends, nah, a “couple”. Sit across from each other looking into each others eyes. Drinking the moment in.  “Honey, you look wonderful tonight”.  They place thier hands together on the table.  Emotions are skyrocketting….  

“IF YOU WANT MY BODY, AND YOU THINK I’M SEXY, COME ON BABY LET ME KNOW”  starts playing on the resturant system.  You realize this isn’t a posh place, it IS a DINER.

  They both laugh together and pick up thier menu’s.  Hmmmm. Tacos!

Here in New Jersey we have diners.  You canget almost anything to eat, at any hour. It’s truly a staple here. Usually the food isn’t too bad!  Beats fast food anyway.  Anyway, they have these mini jukebox things at the table for you to select a song to hear. Each table has one. So as you walk in to the place you hear the current song playing. Oh, yes. You are put in que. So as soon as you insert you money (about a buck now for 3 selections) , the sound comes up and you join the music mix provided by the patrons in the place.  I want to relax and have nice conversation while I eat so, So when I put in my entry, B3 – “Scene’s from an Italian Resturant”, D8 – “Somebody Like You”, and E7 – “Something”, I get to hear “Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dog and a whole lot of other music I can’t stand before my songs come up. AND of course….   Mine start after I pay the check.   I wouldn’t have cared if “Funkytown” played. Theres a story connected with that song. Another post.

“can I get ya something else hon?”

Um yes, can we have another glass of wine please. 

Look – They have Kareoke here Thursday nights.

Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon!



  1. Ah, the Jersey Jukebox Diners …… Can force myself to play because the buttons are always really dirty. Too dirty for me to touch… I fell your pain, same happens when I play music at the bar.

  2. I remember having seen those little jukeboxes somewhere, but I can’t place where it was! Now if they could make it so that each table gets to hear only their own selections, it would be a perfect set up.

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